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membership card production process should pay attention to what process?

The production of membership cards which process selection need to pay attention to, because the production of membership cards will have a lot of process you need to choose, so that your membership card more beautiful

    Production of membership cards need to pay attention to the process selection, the requirements of membership card production has a direct link to your function.

     Processes that cant be achieved with membership cards

     For example, frosted membership cards cannot be barcoded because the surface of frosted membership cards is uneven, in this case, if the barcode is barcoded, on the one hand, the barcode reader will not be able to read it because the frosted membership card is uneven and the barcode is also uneven, so the barcode reader will not be able to correctly identify the barcode.

     On the other hand, the barcode will be broken by the printhead of the barcode printer due to the unevenness of the surface of the frosted membership card, because the printhead can only type the barcode in a flat place.

     Of course, if you must type barcodes on top of frosted cards, then you must take the money for these risks. A printhead is more than a thousand dollars, and as long as you are willing to pay this money, then naturally we will not be distressed and are willing to work with you. Of course, there are not many people who are willing to bear this cost.

     In addition to this, what other processes are not possible

1 Non-standard membership card can not play convex code, matte membership card ( frosted membership card ) can only play spray code, can not play flat code, can not play strip type code.

2 Computer screen colour and printer print colour cannot be used as printing colour.

3 Non-standard membership cards cannot be printed with flat codes, barcodes or convex codes, only with spray codes.

4 Convex code cannot be played vertically (i.e. the convex code cannot be parallel to the short side of the card, but only to the long side) 

The above is basically the membership card production process can not be achieved, if you have any whimsical ideas, want to achieve it, it is recommended that you consult our manufacturers, our manufacturers with years of experience in card making, try to your ideas to achieve out, for reference only.

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