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Introduction of Membership Card Application System--xrfid Smart Card

Membership card refers to the general identification card, including the shopping malls, hotels, fitness centres, restaurants and other consumer places of the membership authentication, the authentication of your guests. The company produces a large number of membership cards and various other card products in a timely manner. Membership cards and VIP cards can increase customers willingness to buy and build customer brand loyalty.

Membership cards include many different kinds, in terms of grade, there are membership cards (red cards), membership cards (green cards), membership cards (blue cards), ordinary membership cards, discount cards, VIP cards, registered membership cards, official membership cards and so on. They have a wide range of uses and are used wherever identification is required, i.e. membership cards. For example, schools, clubs, companies, institutions, groups, etc. Card production

Introduction to membership card application systems

Membership is a popular service management model that can increase customer retention and loyalty. Many service industries have adopted this mode of service, and membership systems can now be seen in various industries, and most of them are in the form of membership cards. 

Membership card systems generally consist of a membership card, membership card reading and writing equipment, and membership card management software. Membership card types generally have ordinary card, magnetic card, IC card, radio frequency card several.

Membership card reading and writing equipment corresponding to the magnetic card reader, IC card reader, radio frequency card reader several. The management software should be prepared according to the different enterprises to suit their own enterprise management system. Different enterprises should choose different membership card management methods according to their own enterprise situation, ordinary PVC card is the easiest one to manage, no other equipment is needed. Other cards are generally used in the following ways.

design and make membership cards - issue membership cards - customer use - management, billing - statistics, reports

General membership card specifications

Material: PVC or PET

Size: 86 54mm (CR80 ISO standard)

Thickness: 0.76 mm

Printing: CMYK four colour printing

Process: signature strip perforated magnetic stripe barcode photo raised code flat code personal details holographic etc.

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