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Membership card is generally good with magnetic stripe card or IC card is better?

We all know a lot about membership cards, such as clothing store membership cards, supermarket membership cards, hotel membership cards, KTV membership cards and so on. But for many purchasers, the first time to purchase membership card is worried, because the magnetic stripe card and ic card do not know which one to use to do membership card is better, for this problem, lets see how card cube explain it.

Is it better to use magnetic stripe card or IC card for membership card?

By definition.

Magnetic card is a card-like magnetic recording medium, using magnetic carrier to record characters and digital information, used to identify identity or other purposes. Magnetic cards are made of high-strength, high-temperature resistant plastic or paper coated plastic, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and have a certain degree of flexibility, easy to carry, use more stable and reliable.

Magnetic stripe membership card

IC card is another kind of information carrier after the magnetic card. IC card refers to the integrated circuit card, generally common IC card using radio frequency technology and support IC card reader to communicate. IC card and magnetic card is different, IC card is through the card integrated circuit storage information, while the magnetic card is through the card magnetic record information. IC card cost is generally higher than the magnetic card, but better confidentiality. Therefore, IC cards are currently very popular among the public due to their inherent advantages of information security, portability, and relatively good standardization.

IC membership card

In terms of cost.

If it is not to discuss the cost, IC card is definitely better than magnetic card, UnionPay has long decided to fully spread the IC card issue in commercial banks at the end of this year, from here it can also be seen that IC card instead of magnetic card is the general trend. IC card than the magnetic stripe confidentiality, etc. are much stronger, according to reports, the international has not appeared IC card stolen card information cases.

If you calculate the cost, IC cards are at least more expensive than magnetic cards, but their security is also higher. If it is a senior club and other businesses, the membership card to save a large amount of money, from security to consider, you can choose IC card, although the cost is high, but safe, now the international card are IC card, respect the membership status; if it is an ordinary club, supermarket or restaurant and so on, the magnetic card can be.

For membership card is the use of magnetic stripe card good or ic card of this problem, is need you from many aspects to consider, such as membership card to achieve the function, membership management system membership card cost and security and other aspects to make a decision. For the current form, magnetic stripe card due to magnetic interference, security is poor and other shortcomings, is gradually replaced by ID card or ic card, in the near future ic card will be the mainstream of the market. Related knowledge: induction IC card high resistance magnetic stripe card

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