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Introduction of laser card and process requirements

Laser card refers to a kind of laser PVC material printing after from different angles to see the feeling of gold flash, but also in the ordinary PVC card surface hot laser silver or laser gold. The card can also be used to enhance the image of the company and give people a sense of elegance when they pull it out and show it to others. The card is a kind of variant pattern, presenting various colours and shades, and can present special reflective variant in any part of the card, which has a very good visual effect and can enhance the anti-counterfeiting function and anti-scanning copy function of the trading card.

Brief description of the product.

  Material: PVC or PET

  White PVC or transparent PVC material can be selected as the PVC card substrate.

  Size: 86* 54mm (CR80 ISO standard)

  Thickness: 0.76 mm (CR80 ISO standard)

  It is best to produce magnetic stripe cards in accordance with ISO standards to ensure smooth reading and writing of magnetic stripe cards.

  Printing: Offset printing, silk-screen printing, and silk-screen + offset printing can be chosen to produce the card.

   Laser card process requirements.

   Personalised convex code (English letters plus numbers)

   Personalised flat code

   Signature strips


   Spray code scratch strips

   Gold and silver hot stamping

   Hot stamping with laser gold and silver

   Perforation (round and flat hole options)

   Partial UV


   1, good directionality

   2, high brightness 

   3、Good monochromaticity 

   The laser effect: full laser and partial laser, the different materials and patterns of the laser present different visual effects. Customers can choose according to the different effects.

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