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How to remove the static electricity of woven wristbands?

Update time:2023-04-25 11:29:00 / Views:183

When it comes to the word static electricity, I think we all have a deep feeling, especially in winter, the human body static electricity is quite obvious, woven label wristband also exists static electricity, a woven label wristband factory if anti-static measures are not done, woven label wristband static electricity accumulation is also caused by the fire! Woven label wristband static We look at how to eliminate static electricity on the woven label wristband:

First of all, we start from the source, that is, in the woven mark wristband raw materials, in the raw materials to add antistatic agent, can effectively control the generation of static electricity, its strong ion wind to remove the surface of the object static electricity and foreign matter, dust, is an industrial class applicable to the initial static dust removal of flat objects. In the high-speed blister molding machine, slitting machine, stretching and winding machine and other plastic machinery and equipment installed on the bar electrostatic elimination equipment, can effectively eliminate the high pressure static electricity generated when the plastic sheet is pulled at high speed, to prevent the sheet from electrostatic adsorption of dust in the air or between the sheets due to static electricity and mutual adhesion, effectively improve the production and processing of plastic sheet product grade, quality. In the plastic injection molding machine plastic raw materials at the entrance of the installation of ring-type electrostatic elimination equipment, can eliminate raw materials in the flow of high-voltage static electricity, to prevent raw materials due to electrostatic reasons into a mass, into a pile of stuffed at the entrance directly affect the production.

We can also spray static electricity prevention agent on the finished woven label wristband, the same can prevent static electricity without damaging the woven label wristband! Woven mark wristband static electricity elimination, can be added to the compound when the anti-static liquid, so that it is coated on the inside and outside of the two layers, the liquid similar to alcohol! Greatly improve the quality and grade of woven wristbands products, effectively enhance the credibility of customers to manufacturers!

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