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ABS material show

 ABS is synthesized from three monomers: acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. ABS is a light yellow opaque particle with a high gloss surface. 

    Different types of ABS materials can be made by changing the ratio of the three monomers in ABS and the molecular structure in both phases, and there are significant differences in the performance of the various types of materials. Generally speaking, all types of ABS materials have good gloss, good hardness, and good performance. Hardness. It is tough, rigid, and has moderate mechanical properties. One of the drawbacks of ABS is that it cannot be printed with embossed characters, and ABS has poor weather resistance and is easily aged and faded. This material can be used in a higher temperature environment within the cell phone, if the card body of the use of the environment requires heat-resistant, flame retardant, generally will use ABS card-based materials. 

    ABS material application range: common in life access control keychain is the choice of ABS material to make.

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