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IC card and magnetic stripe card market value and application

IC card is divided into contact IC card and non-contact IC card, contact IC card belongs to a kind of IC card, the chip inlaid in the surface of the card, exposed visible, the communication method using the chip and the contact between the reader after reading and operation. Contactless IC card, also called RF card, is a smart card product just researched in recent years, which can read the card information directly through induction.

IC cards are currently used in a wide range of applications, from the communications industry to transportation, identification, access control, membership management, and increasingly in the financial sector, with far-reaching implications. In order to ensure the security of citizens property, most banks have started to promote the development of financial IC cards, because IC cards are integrated circuit cards and cannot be copied. So the security is relatively high.

Magnetic stripe card is also more common in life, we now use the UnionPay card, supermarket membership card, subway card, bus card, ticket card, telephone card and other kinds of cards, magnetic stripe card and ID card like only the card number, and does not have any security function, so in recent years, the magnetic stripe card has gradually withdrawn from the financial industry, by IC card outlawed.

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