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Inlay Sheet for Combi Card


RFID Tags / RFID Inlay

Inlay sheet for combi card means the prelam (pre-laminating) specially designed for smart card contact and smart card contactless. It supports both contact and contactless communication, and controlled by CPU to switch between contact and contactless working modes. CardCube dual interface card inlay combines reliability, durability and prefect electrical performance together, is compliant with diversified standard

Different sizes, materials, chips are available, and you can personalize it.

24-hour one-on-one service, Fast delivery, and Good packaging.

Product details

 1, When used in contact mode card comply with ISO/IEC 7816 standard, in contactless mode it meets ISO/IEC 14443 standard.
 2, The wire deployed neatly, no wire blotting on the finished card, tidy and pretty appearance.
 3, automatic spot welding avoids unstable function, failure and short life time caused by static electricity damage.
 4, trimmed reference edges and printed cross marks available to make the further process easier.
 5, The shape and size of the antenna can be customized to adapt specific demand, layout and thickness can be customized.



Packing:  PVC, PET, PET-G, PC

Antenna:  copper coil, aluminum


0.40mm±0.02mm or customized, minimum thickness: 0.35mm.

Layout & size


305*460mm(popular inside China)


295*480mm(popular inside China)






extra-large size 56(7*8) layout is available, another layout can be customized.


Contactless and contact


13.56MHz, customizable


FM1208, Java card, and other model

Antenna Technique:

HF:   Aluminum etching, pre-winding copper coil, ultrasonic wire implanting / ultrasonic welding

Antenna Size



Double interface tin slice technology

Double interface conductive adhesive technology

Double interface pickline technology



Storage temperature 

-25°C ~ +65°C

Applied to produce dual interface CPU card.

Product Show

inlay sheet for combi card1943_副本.jpg


Dual-Interface Inlay

Double interface tin slice technology

inlay sheet for combi card2004_副本.jpg


Dual-Interface Inlay

Double interface conductive adhesive technology

inlay sheet for combi card2075_副本.jpg


Dual-Interface Inlay

Double interface pickline technology

inlay sheet for combi card2135_副本.jpg


Dual-Interface Inlay

Double interface pickline technology
Double interface conductive adhesive technology

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