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Pre Lam Irregular Contactless Card Inlay Customizable Layout Prelam


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The irregular contactless card inlay is core component of irregular RFID  card, such as: mini card, keychain card, epoxy card, etc. We choose reliable  card components and connect them reliable. We can control the thickness of the  inlay per the requirement of customers. CardCube provides reliable and convenient semi-product for the manufacturer of finished contactless cards.

Different sizes, materials, chips are available, and you can personalize it.

24-hour one-on-one service, Fast delivery, and Good packaging.

Product details

 1, The shape and  size of the antenna can be customized to adapt specific needs,
 2, layout and thickness can be customized
 3, trimmed reference edges and printed cross marks is available to make the  further process easier.
 4, flat and  clean surface, stands unequaled torsion and bending
 5, prefect  electrical performance, reliable and durable.





Packing:  PVC

Antenna:  copper coil, aluminum


0.5mm±0.02mm, customizable

Layout & size

5*5, 3*8, 4*8, 5*8, 4*10 ,    customizable






HF:  Mifare S50, S70 / Ultralight/ Ntag213/ Desfire(4k,    8k) / iCode slix / legic, FM11RF08 / C50 / ISSI4439

LF:   EM4100 / EM4305/ EM4450 / ATA5577 / TK4100

UHF: Alien series and Impinj    series

Chip Status

COB or MOA4, thickness between 0.35~0.38mm

Antenna Technique:

HF:   Aluminum etching, pre-winding copper coil, ultrasonic    wire implanting / ultrasonic welding

Antenna Size:

Round:    Φ10~40mm,

Rectangle:  L: 20~60mm, W: 20-60mm


Direct pressure technique

Double-sided sheltering    (ensures the flatness of the chip position, no bumps)



Storage temperature 

-25°C ~ +65°C

 irregular card inlay is mainly applicated to produce irregular  cards, such as: epoxy card, keychain card, mini card and other eye-catching  cards.

Manufacturing Photo:
The stepping  chip hole punching machine punches hole in the chip position on the PVC/PET  sheet, which leave the space for the chip, so that the chip will not bump up on  the card surface. Therefore, all cardcube HF card inlays production is with  lower faulty rate during laminating and can guarantee the flatness of the  prelam, and make the final card with flat surface.
 Proudtek’s  stepping chip hole punching machine is with very flexible working model, it can  punch hole in any position of the PVC sheet, so we can make card inlay with  very flexible layout. 



Our  advantage:
 Proudtek’s flexible stepping chip hole  punching machine allows us to customize high quality irregular card inlay and  multi-frequency card inlay economically.

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Irregular Card Inlay  


Irregular Card Inlay 


Irregular Card Inlay


Irregular Card Inlay


Inlay Sheet for Combi Card


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