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Hotels Wristbands

RFID Wristbands for Hotels

What is RFID?

imageRFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless technology which uses encoded radio waves to read and write data onto RFID tags using specialized scanners. You can find more info about RFID Wristbands by clicking here but to summarise, RFID wristbands for hotels are wristbands which have an RFID chip built-in.

Do hotels use RFID technology?

Hotels have been using RFID technology for quite some time now. Traditionally, hotels used RFID cards which guests can use to access their rooms. However in recent years, hotels have been finding new and innovative ways to benefit from this tech and help make their guests experience better.

Since Disney implemented RFID wristbands which they call ‘MagicBands‘ at their resorts back in 2013, more hotels have been switching from cards to RFID wristbands for hotels

How can RFID Wristbands help hotels

RFID wristbands can help make a guests stay at a hotel much more enjoyable and less stressful. While RFID cards can serve the same purpose, they are something which guests need to carry around at all times which could be a nuisance for someone without pockets who for example, just wants to go to the pool for a quick swim. Cards are also very commonly lost or damaged which would require guests to go get them replaced at reception, again causing unwanted stress. Having the RFID tag secured to your wrist at all times is much more practical, easier and faster to use.

What can RFID do for hotels?

A simple answer would be: A LOT. Weather its a small hotel trying to cut costs or a large resort with multiple restaurants, pools and waterparks trying to make guests stay more enjoyable, RFID can help!


Some basic uses for RFID at hotels are accessing guest elevators, accessing rooms, powering rooms, entering certain areas like pools or gyms, making reservations at restaurants and making payments. Hotels have also started to get more creative with their bands, for example Universal Studios in Florida has implemented interactive totems which can be activated with the wristband throughout the park. Guests can also tap their bands at a ride and join a virtual queue and receive notifications when its their time to enter. The bands can also be linked to guests social media accounts and can post photos or ‘check in’ by simply tapping one of the RFID scanners.

On the backend side, RFID can help management with handling and tracking guests luggage, managing their own inventories, increase revenue, reduce operating costs and increase productivity of staff members. It also adds an extra level of security since the system can log entries to rooms which discourages employee theft.