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Woven mark wristband surface reflection, mold how to deal with

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Many woven mark wristband products in the processing process will be used to a variety of processing technology disposal, such as the common sun pattern, printing patterns, anti-demoulding, and polishing, etc., the various processes more difficult to dispose of or the calculation of the reflective effect of high permeability, the reason is that because of the high cost of the mold, polishing difficulty factor, woven mark wristband manufacturers consumption defective rate is high, and many woven mark wristband ice frame and cake mold are required to use Polishing plating processing, so today to explain about the woven mark wristband cake mold reflective effect how to reach.

Woven label wristband surface reflection, mold how to deal with

Products need to reach this effect need to woven mark wristband manufacturers on the mold polishing disposal, and mold polishing can be divided into a variety of process ways, in the mold of different disposal methods have different effects and advantages, such as common mechanical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, magnetic polishing, etc., and woven mark wristband mold size is larger to choose electrolytic polishing and ultrasonic polishing way to occupy the majority, mainly to electrolytic polishing Polishing is to rely on the selective dissolution of the material appearance of the tiny projection part, so that the appearance of lubrication, ultrasonic polishing is the application of ultrasonic as a power to promote the fine abrasive particles at a very high speed impact on the workpiece appearance, forcing the abrasive to the processed appearance to stop processing, thereby reducing its surface roughness of polishing methods.

After polishing the mold appearance to reach bright reflective effect, in the separation of high transparent woven mark wristband raw material consumption processing to reach high transparent reflective effect, and polishing process also has certain defects and problems, such as mold steel is not pure enough together, mold internal trachoma or debris, resulting in light surface is not smooth enough, mold steel polishing process is loose and so on elements will affect the product cleanliness, in a word with woven mark wristband Cake mold bright surface level depends on the brightness of the mold, the brightness of the mold depends on the details of the processing technology. And polishing out of the mold for woven mark wristband processing plant in the production process needs to pay careful attention to prevent bruises, scrapes, bright surface and other problems, and increase the mold polishing after the production of silicone rubber can reach the desired effect.

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