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Hospital Wristbands

The Benefits of a Hospital Patient ID Wristband with Barcode

Patient identifier wristbands are ideal for hospitals, clinics, and even senior citizen homes. The hospital patient ID wristband contains an easy-to-scan barcode as well as other patient identifiers. The band provides essential health care information such as the patient’s name, previous conditions, allergies, what type of medicine should be administered, and medicine dosage.

Introducing Hospital Antimicrobial Wristbands

With many choices for wristbands, we often recommend Hospital wristbands, one of the most durable antimicrobial wristbands available. Hospital Antimicrobial wristbands stand up to not only moisture but a wide variety of hand sanitizers to ensure optimum image durability and

scanning performance. They are MR Safe, Latex free, and available with adhesive or clip closures in multiple colors and sizes to comfortably fit all types of patients.

Patient identifiers are printed using a thermal printer, which is of much higher quality than a laser printer.

Hospital Wristbands features include:

Antimicrobial coating

Resistance to water, soap, foam, alcohol, and chemicals

Can be worn during MRI procedures


Come with an easy-to-use, pressure-sensitive clip closure, or adhesive tabs allowing staff to print and securely fasten in less than a minute

It should also be noted that these wristbands meet patient ID guidelines set forth by the American Hospital Association.

The relationship between hospitals and wristbands spans decades, and given the main purpose of a wristband is to identify something about the wearer, this connection makes a lot of sense. In the simplest of terms, hospital wristbands contain a patient’s most vital information pertinent to the care they’ll receive from the attending medical personnel (doctor, surgeon, nurse, etc.).
Hospital Wristbands


Hospital wristbands aren’t just used for patient identification, nor are they only intended for wrists. Wristbands prove reliable, cost-effective solutions that can be implemented as tags and labels to communicate vital information in a medical setting. Wristbands don’t have to feature specific customer information in order to be effective. We see our solid-colored wristbands used prevalently in patient screening, displaying test results, discerning levels of condition severity, and more. Hospital wristbands are often also used to define variables you wish to classify (i.e. denote the day of the week a customer came to get tested, show that a surface has been disinfected, etc.). A hospital wristband’s information can help reduce errors, simplify processes, and improve safety across the board.



Tyvek hospital wristbands are the preferred solution for short-term care. These bands provide a cost-effective solution for identifying important information in a healthcare environment. We recommend patients use these for up to 48 hours.


Plastic wristbands are the preferred option for extended use. These wristbands can be used by patients for up to seven days, or as an identifier much longer. We use high-quality plastic for greater durability for extended use.