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The "Resident Health Card" is a "health ID card" that records all the health information of a person from birth to death

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The "Resident Health Card" is a "health ID card" that records all the health information of a person from birth to death. Instead of a hospital card, the Resident Health Card is one card for one person and can be used nationwide. Residents can use the card to realize interoperability and information sharing of medical and health services across systems, institutions and regions.

The "Resident Health Card" is a "health ID card" that records all the health information of a person from birth to death

The era of "one card" for residents' health card is coming

  According to the National Health Planning Commission, by 2020, China will realize the basic coverage of population information, electronic health records and electronic medical records database and integration and sharing, and the popularization of the application of the resident health card.

  The problem that the consultation card cannot be used universally has been troubling us

  It is to solve the problem of wasted, lost, and repeatedly handled medical consultation cards that we have taken over the implementation of the resident health card to make the whole process of medical consultation "smart; up. The registration, payment, consultation, electronic medical records for patients, the construction of a large database to achieve the sharing of medical resources information ...... is no longer a matter, patients can hold a card, you can go to all major hospitals.

  The resident health card it is not only so simple, but also can replace the original new agricultural cooperation card (card), the new agricultural cooperation reimbursement amount directly transferred to the health card financial account, to facilitate the reimbursement of the masses; comes with a financial card (bank card) function, can realize the convenient payment for medical treatment.

  The resident health card also integrates the functions of identification, health information and medical information storage. Not only does it store the resident's name, gender, age, blood type, ID number, home address, etc., but it can also store the last three visits to the clinic. In addition, the card can record past medical history, residents' blood pressure, blood lipids, allergy history and other health information, as well as blood donation, children's immunization and other residents' health records information.

  Last year, the construction of the resident health card expanded rapidly, and 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have started the construction of the resident health card, and 17 provinces have issued the card. From the perspective of the construction effect, the residents' health card in the realization of the national medical card, unification of the original different standards of various types of health services card, alleviate the medical "three long a short; problem (i.e. long queuing time for registration, long waiting time for payment, long waiting time for medicine, short time for medical consultation), convenient new rural cooperative instant settlement, fund risk prevention and control, continuous personal health management, promote The results are obvious in terms of interconnection and interoperability.

  The gradual implementation of the resident health card, in the near future the hospital will be more and more "wisdom; then the residents will be convenient to see a doctor, the doctor-patient relationship will be more and more harmonious. Related knowledge: What functions can the hospital card achieve?

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