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The basic characteristics and functional requirements of the public transportation CPU card chip

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Currently there are bus card IC chip and CPU chip, the current market high-end chip CPU chip card, CPU in general, the card chip refers to the chip contains a microprocessor, its function is equivalent to a microcomputer. Integrated circuit card on the commonly used metal chip is the CPU card chip, CPU card can be used in finance, insurance, traffic police, government industry and other fields, with a large user space, read fast, support a card multi-use characteristics.

The basic characteristics and functional requirements of the public transportation CPU card chipThe basic characteristics and functional requirements of the public transportation CPU card chip

Basic characteristics of CPU card chip.

● Compliant with ISO14443TypeA and ISO dual interface 7816 interface CPU card

●Hardware DES/3DES co-processor

●Hardware RSA coprocessor

●Hardware SM1 coprocessor

●Hardware random number generator

Functional requirements of the CPU card chip.

●Support PBOC2.0 debit credit application

●Support PBOC2.0 loan record-based micro-payment applications

● Support PBOC2.0 contactless IC card payment application (i.e. QPBOC)

●Support PBOC2.0 application 0 e-wallet

● Support DDA/CDA authentication

Nowadays CPU card is the highest-end smart card, CPU from the appearance of the card is ordinary IC RF card and RF card no difference, but the performance has been greatly improved, security and commonality IC card than usually much higher. CPU card contains random number generator, hardware DES, 3DES encryption algorithm, etc.. In combination with the operating system, the chip OS, also known as COS, it can achieve the level of financial security.

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