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Composite card introduction and composite card common types

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I. Introduction of composite card

Composite card is equivalent to two or more different types, different chip card composite into one, so that a card at the same time has the function of multiple cards. This card is collectively called composite card, very common IDIC composite card, IDM1 composite card, M1 contact IC composite card, high-frequency low-frequency composite card, high-frequency ultra-high-frequency composite card, low-frequency ultra-high-frequency composite card, etc.

Composite card introduction and composite card common types

Composite card introduction and composite card common types

II. Do the composite cards interfere with each other when they are used?

The composite card is either a composite card of different frequency bands or a composite card of different protocols. Therefore, in the process of using the composite card, the reader of different frequency bands or protocols will only read the corresponding part of the composite card. Therefore, although the composite cards have different types of chips between them, they will not interfere with each other. Of course, if you want to make a good composite card, the card manufacturer also needs to have certain skills in order to reasonably arrange different coils and chips on one card without affecting the mutual function and effect. Such as

1, induction low-frequency + such as: ID + IC card composite card (IC, ID composite card, IC, ID composite card), T5577 card + M composite card 1 card, etc..

2, induction low frequency + contact IC such as: ID card + composite card 4442 card, T5577 + composite card 4442 card, etc..

3, induction high frequency + such as: M1 card + composite card 4442 card, Legic card + composite card 4428 card, etc., IC card + 4442 card composite card.

III, what circumstances will use the composite card?

For example, many companies in the access control system, restaurant food sales system, time and attendance system, elevator control system, parking system using system equipment is not uniform, now need a card, the systems are not compatible, the entire system equipment removal is too wasteful, the use of composite cards is a more appropriate choice. For example, our common access control composite card, elevator composite card, IC composite card, ID composite card, etc..

IV. What are the common styles of composite cards?

Our common composite cards are usually made into cards or keychain card style, card style can print color pictures, color pictures can be designed according to the needs of customers. Keychain composite cards can only print 3-5 single-color words or laser engraving. Since there are at least two kinds of chips and coils in the composite card, the composite key card is bigger than the normal 2 or 3 keys, such as 1 and 6 keys.

Card Cube is a professional smart card manufacturer in China. Our main products are contact IC cards, induction IC cards, visual cards, CPU cards, ID cards, ICID smart cards and smart card readers, such as composite cards and access control composite cards, with a daily output of over 400,000 cards.

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