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CardCube smart card monthly output up to 17 million, ranking the top of the smart card industry in CardCube

I. Company introduction.

  CardCube was founded in 2010,  It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, manufacturing and sales. the company only uses talents, only can use, cultivate, introduce many professional talents, pay attention to strengthen training and give reuse, create an excellent production, development, technology, management and other talents team.

  Since its establishment, CardCube has been working diligently and sincerely to serve our customers and provide satisfactory products with the purpose of "Customer is our partner forever". the company is a supplier of China Telecom and China Tietong, and has a good reputation and quality. the factory building is 3000 square meters.

  Second, the companys main production equipment.

  1、Imported Heidelberg printing machine

       Heidelberg four-colour printing machine  

     the company uses the world famous printing machine brand - Heidelberg four-colour printing machine to print cards. the colour is vivid, no distortion, the output of pvc card is about 21 million per month, its price is favorable, quality assurance, now the company has China Telecom, China Tietong, China Mobile, Watsons and other large purchasers.

  2 UV barcode machine

  CardCube has more than 13 years of development history, since the establishment of the factory, our company continues to introduce a variety of advanced smart card equipment, early May this year, our company purchased a large UV barcode machine.

  UV barcode machine features.

  UV barcode machine

      1、UV barcode machine not only realizes the integration of card making, in the process of card making, the card writing magnetic and coding is completed simultaneously on an assembly line, which is fast and efficient.

  2、UV barcode machine realizes various functions of new equipment such as writing magnetic, writing internal code of chip, spraying barcode, spraying number, spraying name, etc. at the same time (at present, it is the first smart card manufacturer with such multi-functional large-scale UV barcode machine in Guangzhou).

  3、Adopting imported UV ink, the UV barcode is beautiful, strong adhesion, resistant to wear and tear, and hard to scratch off (has been destructively tested).

  4、Make 10,000 cards per hour, high efficiency and good quality.

  3、High-speed automatic card punching and dividing machine

High-speed automatic card punching and dividing machine,CardCube card Factory

  WENLin-HS-4A Automatic card Punching Machine This type of card punching machine adopts LCD industrial touch screen human-machine interface. the feeding system adopts Japanese Mlung servo motor and Japanese high-precision ball screw and plane guide, with smooth movement and accurate moving distance. Adopt professional high-sensitivity photoelectric identification device to read the positioning mark, accurate and reliable positioning. Taiwan hydraulic pump, low noise, high flow rate. Long service life with imported seals. Hydraulic cylinder punch, smooth punching and cutting, low noise. Moulds are made of imported mould steel. Strong software function, 8 cards can be set asynchronous distance, material deformation or mechanical wear can still guarantee punching and cutting accuracy. Feeding and cutting methods are available in double die, three die, four die and five die.

  4、intelligent temperature and pressure control laminating machine

Laminating Machine,CardCube card Making Factory

  the new high-efficiency fourth generation intelligent PVC card laminator is a new model redesigned and improved on the basis of the water-cooled King launched in 2004, avoiding the waste of similar products laminating IC and ID cards. At the same time, the design of the machine package fixing has been improved, with the addition of beautiful machine feet, the product installation is simple and beautiful. the intelligent control and mechanical structure is further optimised, equipped with high quality mould board and laminate. the temperature is controlled by automatic digital control, which automatically controls the whole process of heating, constant temperature and cooling, and the alarm is prompted when the work is finished. This machine adopts high efficiency water cooling cooling method, manual pressurization is fast and direct, this machine has streamlined appearance, stable performance, and simple operation, advanced design, reliable quality, using high quality heating and cooling components, adding and dissipating heat evenly, and appropriate speed.

  Technical parameters.

  Laminated area 210 x 297 mm Number of layers 1 ~ 10 layers

  Control mode intelligent digital control Temperature control range 0 ~ 150℃ Pressure mode Manual pressurisation Cooling mode Water cooling

  Voltage 220V Power supply 220VAC 50Hz

  Overall dimension 680×430×600mm Net weight 110kg

  Production capacity ≥400 sheets per hour

  Feiyue design capability

  the design team of Feiyue smartcard is composed of professionals graduated from art colleges and universities, with independent design ability and level.

  At the same time, we can provide 100 sets of card samples with different design styles within 10 days free of charge. the copyright of each image absolutely belongs to the company, eliminating duplication and infringement, with commissioners to monitor the contract signed, if there is any infringement and duplication, all the consequences and responsibilities are borne by the company.

  IV. Cooperative enterprises

  China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tietong, China Mobile, Watsons, Goodwill, Zen Kung Fu and other large corporate partners.

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