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ic card scope of application, market prospects

IC card is also known as integrated circuit card, wisdom card. ic card today one of the hot products in the international electronic information industry, in addition to commercial, medical, insurance, transportation, energy, communications, security management, identification and other non-financial fields are widely used, the application in the financial field is increasingly widespread, the impact is very far-reaching. Here we will learn about the application of ic cards in various occasions.

Telecom ic card: Telecom ic card is mainly used with wireless internet access and mobile phone cards. Ordinary telecom cards are mainly used for various functions such as recharging and bill payment

Tietong ic card: its function is the same as the telecom ic card

Access control ic card: ic access control card basic definition of the original intelligent access control system consists of host, card reader and electric lock (networking in add computer and communication converter), read the card round type is a non-contact card reading method, the cardholder only the card in the vicinity of the card reader (5-15 cm) quickly swing static once, the card reader can sense the card and the information in the card (card number) lead welcome to the host, the host to review the card illegality, and then resolve is available to close the door. And then the resolution is available to close the door action. Generally used in community access control, identification, etc.

Hotel metal ic card: hotel card is generally used in access control, house power, points discount and other functions, a special point of the hotel ic card for high-grade membership card, the supreme card.

Membership ic card: membership management is currently a sales model for many retailers, the main function to retain old customers, to attract new customers, so as to achieve the companys profit, but the membership ic card not only to achieve a variety of functions, and at the same time can raise the interest of customers holding the card.

A card ic card: a card so-called is in the same card to achieve a variety of different functions of intelligent management. At present, it has been widely used, such as city card, enterprise card, etc.

Financial ic card: The financial ic card is an upgraded version of the magnetic stripe card, because the magnetic stripe card can easily be copied, causing loss of personal property, so it will be upgraded to a financial ic card, ic card is an integrated circuit card, inside the security measures, not easy to be copied, at present the countrys first-tier cities have been vigorously promoted, is expected to complete the national promotion in the next five years.

IC cards are a very popular product in the smart card industry and are widely used in various industries. According to statistics, the use of ic cards nationwide reached tens of billions of cards in 2012, so in the future development of the smart card industry, ic cards occupy an absolutely dominant position.

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