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PVC card factory standards - CardCube smart card

PVC is a common card material, currently in the smart card industry is more widely used, there are PET, PETG, PT, ABS and other materials, no matter what kind of material card, testing standards are basically the same.

1、Standard size of PVC card

    Size: 86* 54mm (CR80 ISO standard)

     Can also be customized according to customer requirements of various shapes of cards

     Thickness: 0.76 mm (CR80 ISO standard)

     Can also be made in thicknesses of 0.3 mm / 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.6 mm etc. Cards can be made according to customer requirements.

     2. Printing standards for PVC cards.

     Cards can be selected for screen printing, offset printing or screen printing plus offset printing.

     1、Cards must be printed according to the requirements available, the card pattern is developed by the commissioned company or designed by our company.

     2、The reverse side of the card body includes text description, serial number, expiry date, card number, password, etc., the specific content according to the user

confirmed shall prevail. 

     3、The printed content is clear and accurate, within the printing range of the front and reverse side, there cannot be more than 2 dust spots, ink bubbles and other abnormal dirty spots of 0.2mm in length; the printed content is free from broken strokes and burrs.

     4、Clear fonts and patterns. 

     5、If there is a magnetic mount, barcode, also need to check the magnetic position, barcode is broken code.

    The card can only be shipped if it passes the above criteria. If customers find that the card has bad points, please contact our staff in time and we will solve it for you immediately.

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