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Knowledge] Based on ic card power wired meter reading system and wireless meter reading system

IC card is also known as smart card, wisdom card, integrated circuit card. The rapid development of social technology, intelligent systems have been slowly established in various cities, in order to make it more convenient for the public, intelligent charging system is also gradually popular, such as public bicycles, bus card, underground card, etc. IC card not only in the ride on public transport, but also to pay a variety of fees, such as: supermarket payment, hotel payment, etc., the following is a fly leap smart card proposed by the IC card of the electrical energy charging system The following is a part of the design of the IC card system.

    Wired meter reading system based on power carrier

  The use of power carrier as the underlying data channel of the automatic meter reading system can make full use of the existing power supply lines, without the need to set up a separate communication network and without subsequent communication costs. However, there are many problems with using low-voltage power lines as a transmission channel. Firstly, there is a great deal of interference on the power lines, especially on the customer lines, with high harmonics from household appliances, switching power supplies, etc., transient pulses from the switching of various electrical equipment and broad-spectrum standing wave interference from the switching of various high-power switching devices. Line characteristics may be completely different from place to place, using the type of line and the load on the line will have a great impact on the transmission characteristics of high-frequency signals on the power line, even if the same section of the power line, its transmission characteristics will also change with the changes in various power loads, which affects the long-distance transmission of data signals. Secondly, the line needs to install a concentrator at the location where the transformer is experienced; when the transmission distance is long, the carrier signal attenuation is serious and relaying is required, which increases the investment in equipment.

  Wireless communication network-based wireless meter reading system

The automatic meter reading system achieved by wireless communication using radio waves is a better choice for data communication with a wide range of widely distributed meter collectors. The use of this communication method is easy to install and commission. However, wireless signals belong to the air transmission signals, and nowadays there are a wide variety of wireless signals, and two adjacent channels will generate mutual interference.

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