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What is the contactless ic card, contactless ic card market prospects

In recent years, smart cards are developing more and more rapidly, involving a wider and wider range of fields, from the initial identification, access control, communications to the current transportation, energy, finance and other various fields, it can be seen that the future development of smart cards can definitely occupy a large market size.

Brief description of contactless ic cards.

Contactless ic card, also called RF card, is an intelligent card just researched in recent years, consisting of 330BIT chip and induction antenna, encapsulated in a standard PVC card, the chip and antenna without any exposed part. Card in a certain distance range (usually 5-10mm) close to the reader surface, through the transmission of radio waves to complete the data reading and writing operations.

Contactless ic card classification.

   1). Radio frequency encryption type (RF ID) is usually called ID card. RF card information access is done through radio waves. There is no mechanical contact point between the host and the RF. For example, HID, INDARA, TI, EM, etc.

  2). RF memory cards (RF IC) are often called contactless IC cards. RF memory cards also access information via radio. It is the addition of RF transceiver circuitry to the memory card. An example is the MIFARE ONE.

  3). RF CPU card (RF CPU) is often called active card, is based on the CPU card to add RF transceiver circuit. CPU card has its own operating system COS, to be called a real smart card.

   Contactless ic card application scope.

   The main application scope: access control attendance, consumption, membership card management, sauna, entertainment, club, induction intelligent door lock, enterprise one card system, access control, channel system, etc.

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