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WeChat marketing has become a retail industry marketing trend

With the rapid development of the smart card industry, the retail industry membership card new ideas are emerging, initially ordinary membership card, 3D membership card, smart membership card, visual membership card and other forms of membership card. The rapid development of smartphones in recent years, instantly occupying 90% of the market in first-tier cities, has led to another major change in the marketing model of the retail industry.

 Membership service is also a popular service management model nowadays, which can increase customer return rate and improve customer loyalty to the company. Many service industries have adopted such a service model, and membership is mostly expressed in the form of a membership card. A membership card issued by a company is the equivalent of a company business card, on which the company logo or design can be printed to promote the companys image, making it an ideal vehicle for advertising. Membership cards can also be used to attract new customers, retain old ones and increase customer loyalty, as well as to achieve discounts, points and customer management, which is a real way to increase efficiency.

The QR code marketing platform is a platform to assist enterprises to promote their business with electronic coupons as the core. Enterprises and merchants create marketing activities through this platform, set up activity rules, and provide coding, code issuance, verification, performance statistics and evaluation and exchange services according to the type of marketing activities. It is widely used for group purchase, point consumption, discount vouchers, VIP vouchers and other businesses, using QR codes as a link, integrating mobile Internet and automatic identification technology, accurately placing coupons, using electronic means to promote and help enterprises to achieve accurate marketing. It makes the activities evaluable, controllable, good experience and safety and environmental protection features to meet the electronic support of various business models and marketing activities of enterprises.

The retail industry can write QR codes on the cards, firstly to increase the novelty of the cards, secondly to stimulate customers interest in holding the cards, thirdly to give customers a more comprehensive understanding of the company, and fourthly to promote a far greater effect than ordinary membership cards.

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