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Smart card, life convenient "card"

One card, supermarket one card

     In recent years, with the smart card involved in the field more and more extensive, in China, the sales volume and use of smart cards has been firmly in the first place in the world, smart card companies are also rising everywhere, not only to solve the many employment problems, while the economy of China also occupies a very important part.

    The card has been used by students to facilitate their daily life and school management; Ouyang Jian, Vice Minister of Culture, said that within two to three years, more than 200 cities across the country will be able to purchase and collect tickets for movies in different places; and tourist cities have launched "Tourism One Card" has been launched in tourist cities. Campus One Card, Community One Card, City One Card ....... Now, we have been in the world of "One Card", feel the convenience brought to us by "One Card".

In recent years, along with the development of one card technology, the application of one card is becoming more and more extensive: access control, time and attendance, consumption, parking, monitoring and alarm, etc.. The expansion of application areas and the continued expansion of market demand. The card industry has shown an overall dynamic development. Looking back at 2010, new companies are gradually increasing, innovative technologies are emerging, and competition in the industry market is becoming increasingly fierce.

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