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Card production before printing requirements

CardCube smart card has 13 years of experience in the smart card industry, regardless of technology, equipment in the industry are more leading smart card manufacturers, and then, thank you for choosing Feiyue as your partner, in order to make the product more perfect, please provide the file that meets our requirements.


85.5x54mm, reserved bleeding 2mm per side, please specify the size when placing an order for shaped cards.


Membership card typesetting, please place the text and other content within the cut line 3mm, membership card cut to be more beautiful.

Black text and lines please use K:100 to fill in the color, small text try to use monochrome, to ensure the clarity of the text.


The distance from the convex code to the finished line should be 5mm, the distance from the magnetic stripe to the finished line is 4mm, and the width of the magnetic stripe is 12.7mm; the barcode needs to be black on a white background.


Coreldraw, Illustrator, Photoshop software tools to create or compatible files; text needs to be converted to curves or outside frame words;

CorelDraw, please save as CDR format, (CorelDraw special effects graphics, please convert to bitmap, bitmap resolution 400dpi).

Illustrator in AI or PDF format.

Photoshop, please save as PSD format, do not rasterize the text, file resolution 400dpi or more; and separate the front and reverse side of the two files to store.


Membership card production file color mode please set to C.M.Y.K mode, the color setting value can not be less than 5%, so as to avoid the color can not appear.

Can not be screen or printout color to request printing color, fill color, please do not use spot color, in the production must refer to the CMYK color value of the % to produce fill color.

The same file in different printing, the color will be slightly different, coffee, dark green, dark purple, etc., more prone to off-color problems, is normal.

Hot stamping and silver stamping:

Hot stamping, hot stamping silver, hot laser need to lose volume chart.

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