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Introduction of raw materials for smart card companies

1、PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. hard PVCs surface hardness, tensile strength, rigidity, etc. are close to the index of engineering materials. Soft PVC is generally used for wallpapers, floors, ceilings and the surface layer of leather. Hard PVC becomes brittle at low temperature, sensitive to strain, and cannot be fully recovered after deformation: soft PVC becomes hard at low temperature and has poor thermal stability. pvc material is suitable for IC cards that require printing of magnetic stripes, signatures or raised letters and holographic logos on the card surface. However, its environmental protection is poor, high temperature will be released containing HCL gas. Environmental hazards, the industry has begun to phase out PVC card-based materials.  


2, PET material in its original state is not suitable for printing and hot pressing bonding, the need for surface treatment. PET surface to become easy to print and bonding, the current research is mostly focused on improving its antistatic properties. Printing adaptability, adhesion and other aspects. PET is widely used, in the card industry, due to PET wear resistance, corrosion resistance, many high-end customers choose PET to make cards

3, PC-ABS that has ABS easy dicing and PC good mechanical and thermal stability, has a high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness, high stress cracking resistance: mechanical properties between ABS and PC. This card-based material is relatively less used.

4, with the continuous development of papermaking technology and materials science, there are a variety of special paper to meet different requirements. Such as the United States TESLIN composite paper: the material is made of polyolefin and SiO2 composite. Both the performance of paper and plastic performance, with multiple microporous, high filling, high waterproof, high adsorption and other characteristics.

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