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Simon Electronics focuses on logic encryption memory cards

CardCube Smart Card is a professional enterprise mainly engaged in the development and development of various cards such as telecommunication card, one card, M1 card, IC card, CUP card, ID card, 3D card, password card, etc. The company implements total quality management and establishes the quality assurance mode of production, sales and service. We have established a quality assurance model for production, sales and service, and strictly follow the ISO9000 quality management system to control product quality. Lets understand the chip type and compatibility of Simon Electronics.


  SLE5542 has a capacity of 256 bytes and can read the entire card without a password. 3 bytes of the initial password is "ff ff ff". The password error counter value is 3, the card will be locked if the password is wrong more than 3 times, and only data can be read but not written.


  The capacity is 1K byte, the data of the whole card can be read without the password. 2 bytes password, the password error counter value is 8.


  Capacity is 52 byte. has a data area with a capacity of 26 byte. 2 bytes of user password and a password error counter value of 4.


  Capacity is 13 byte. 3 bytes password.

  SLE4406E is set for application phone card. The capacity of the card is 221 byte, and it is a card compatible with 4406.

  SLE4436E has stronger features than SLE440606E.

(C) The main compatible cards


     ISSI24C02: Compatible with AT24C02

     ISSI24C16: compatible with AT24C16

     ISSI24C64: compatible with AT24C64

     ISSI4442:Compatible with SLE5542

     ISSI4428:Compatible with SLE5528


     FM4442:Compatible with SLE5542

     FM4428:Compatible with SLE5528

   3. Beiling

     BL7442:Compatible with SLE5542

     BL7428:Compatible with SLE5528 Simon electronic logic encryption memory card as the main reference

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