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What is barcode, barcode introduction

Barcode (barcode) is a graphic identifier that expresses a set of information by arranging multiple black bars and blanks of varying widths in accordance with certain coding rules. All barcodes are collectively referred to as barcodes in the international arena.

What is a barcode?

Generic bar codes are generally composed of a prefix, a manufacturers code, a product code and a validation code. The prefix code in a barcode is a code used to identify a country or region and is assigned by the International Article Numbering Association, e.g. 00-09 for the United States, Canada, 45, 49 for Japan, 69 for mainland China, 471 for Taiwan, 489 for Hong Kong SAR. At present, barcode scanning has been a trend in the market, and enterprises must follow the regulations of barcode management whether they design and produce, apply for registration or use commodity barcodes.

What is the role of barcode in the card?

Among the cards, barcode cards are currently widely used in the market, from small supermarket membership cards to large shopping mall cards, and in order to promote the development of the retail industry, barcode cards have become the main product of the retail industry - membership cards. Because of the low cost of barcode cards, and convenient, many supermarkets are members choose barcode cards to make membership cards.

Bar code card disadvantages.

1、Because the barcode card is played or sprayed on the card surface of a group of barcodes, it is easy to be scratched off or scratched, so use must pay attention to protection, 2、The barcode card does not have any confidentiality function, can not be used as a consumer card, or rechargeable card.

How many common bar codes?


EAN 13

Code 39 -- 39 code

Code 128 -- 128 codes

Code 25 -- 25 codes

UPC Code

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