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Access card application selection

Access cards are divided into IC access cards and ID access cards, id access cards and IC access cards are very different, both from the perspective of security, performance, convenience, etc. id card is to be a little worse. Here we learn about the application of access control card options.

Access cards are mainly the following cards: EM card, M1 card, TM card and CPU card and so on. Currently, EM cards and M1 cards occupy almost all of the access control card application market. Therefore, when we choose the application of the card, it is best to choose the EM card or M1 card as their main card. Because for other cards that are not commonly used, both the maturity of the technology, or accessories to match, will give us no small trouble. And with the shrinking market share, it is inevitable that these cards will not gradually exit the market for our applications after a period of time, so that the repair of the access control system, expansion, and transformation, etc., will bring unexpected trouble.

In fact, for ordinary access control applications, EM card is undoubtedly the most practical class of access control cards, which is characterized by long reading distance, high market share, has a relatively mature technology practice. But the biggest disadvantage of this type of card is that it is only a read-only card. If we are at the gate, but also need some charge or transaction function, then this kind of card is really some power is not enough.

For users who need to manage their spending, if it is a simple record or transfer, then the M1 card is sufficient. Of course, if we also need to have some more detailed content identification or transaction activities in the application of the access control system, then the latest technology to support the CPU card than the traditional M1 card has a stronger security. And in the long run, CPU cards are increasingly eating into the M1 card market.

Due to the existence of id access card many factors, many of the current community is gradually to the development of ic access card, it is reported that id access card only needs 10 seconds to complete the copy, however, ic card (RF card) is a smart card products just developed in recent years, induction distance is long, at least 100,000 times to read and write, and can not copy.

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