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Financial ic card gradually matured, has slowly penetrated the market

It is understood that the issuance of financial ic cards has reached a very impressive number since the beginning of 2012, and major banks also replace the original magnetic stripe bank cards, but due to the high production cost of financial ic cards, many towns are currently unable to complete the promotion of financial ic cards.

Relative to the first-tier cities, the current issuance of financial ic cards is gradually increasing, as of the first quarter of 2013, commercial banks and UnionPay business companies have deployed more than 7.36 million POS, with a transformation rate of 98%, and more than 470,000 ATMs, with a transformation rate of 96%; the amount of cards issued continues to grow, and card types basically meet the needs of society; the effect of livelihood services gradually emerges, and financial ic cards have expanded To the field of social security, bus, subway and other transportation fields, water, electricity, coal payment and other public utility services, farmers, meat and vegetable markets, supermarkets and restaurants and other service fields; regional promotion strategy is effective, 47 pilot cities cardholders have gradually experienced the security, convenience and speed of the financial IC card.

According to the industry, the current promotion of financial ic card as an important work, ready to complete the financial ic card acceptance environment in 2013, according to experts: the next 3 to 5 years will complete the full issue of financial ic card, to achieve smart card China, but also to provide the general public with more secure and convenient consumer services.

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