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What role do traffic smart cards play in urban development and construction?

IC card is also called integrated circuit card, invented in Europe in 1971, is a special integrated circuit chip inlaid in a plastic substrate, encapsulated and made. IC card can set the chip in the surface (contact ic card), also with the chip implanted in the internal (contactless ic card), contact ic card need to insert the card to read the card information, contactless ic card can be directly induction, is currently the smart card industrys leading kind of intelligent card. It is a leading smart card in the industry.

What is the role of smart cards in urban construction?

Transportation smart cards are mainly used for convenient travel, life services, e-commerce, creative culture, industrial ecology, etc. Relevant departments are improving them to achieve more functions.

What are the convenient travel capabilities of smart cards?

It is a convenient payment tool widely used in the field of intra-city transportation such as bus, subway, BRT, taxi, public bicycle, ferry, parking lot, etc. It is an important initiative to create a high-quality public transportation service system, enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of public transportation, and is of great significance to facilitate the daily travel of the public, improve the service efficiency of the means of transportation, improve the management efficiency and service level of the industry, and relieve traffic congestion.

Life service capability?

Cultivating and guiding payment habits in the transportation field to the life service field, giving full play to the e-purse, e-ticket and identification functions of transportation smart cards, replacing the complex work of users and enabling them to play a greater role in small consumption fields such as convenience stores, vegetable markets, bookstores, cinemas, supermarkets and fast food restaurants, and public management fields such as access control, attendance and library cards.

E-commerce capability?

E-commerce capability means that the transportation smart card, under the traditional online top-up and offline consumption system, uses Internet, mobile Internet and e-commerce technologies to realize service innovations such as Internet charging and payment, mobile charging and payment, e-commerce touch charging and payment and e-ticket services, further enhancing the convenience use of transportation smart cards.

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