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PC material show

PC (polycarbonate) is rigid and tough, with high transparency. PC material has a very high processing temperature, the lamination of card making equipment has high requirements, the United States of some cards using PC material is more, there are also card factories in China with PC production of some high-end cards. Because of the high carbon content of PC. And high temperature no harmful gas release, PC material can be used for laser etching anti-counterfeiting.  

    PC alloy material, relative to PC, PC alloy material is widely used because of its good processing performance, PC-PBT is a blend of PC and PBT material, retaining the advantages of both: high temperature resistance, stress cracking resistance, high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness. This material is mainly used to make large or precision instrument shells, such as cell phone shells or car dashboards, etc. Its film material can also be used as a card base material, with good printing and environmental protection. The U.S. company GE and Japan Mitsubishi have the material film products. This material is used in a large number of cards in Japan. 

    There is also a PC / ABS plastic: PC-ABS that is easy to ding ABS and PC good mechanical and thermal stability, with a high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness, high stress cracking resistance: mechanical properties between ABS and PC. This card-based material is relatively less used.

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