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The global intelligent ic card industry application development trend in 2014

I. Smart card development

  With the development of global high-end technology, the demand for security and convenience is getting higher and higher, which also promotes the development of smart card technology. Smart cards have been maturely used in all aspects of peoples lives, especially in the smart card ic card (also known as contactless)ic rapidly developing card). According to the European Smart Card Association, 7.2 billion units of smart card reading and writing devices were shipped in 2013, and will grow by 7% in 2014 to reach 7.7 billion units of ic card readers shipped. So what industries are these devices used in?

With the progress of contactless technology, NFC, represented by dual interface cards, gained good market popularity in 2013. Combined with the contact chip of magnetic stripe card and the non-contact function of chip, dual interface card became the chip migration transition card and gained a large share of new cards.

In addition, the electronic ID card also had a strong market performance. With the government as a strong background, electronic drivers license, electronic passport, electronic ID card has been well popularized, fast access control, electronic information registration to facilitate administrative processing.

In addition, the non-contact traffic card represented by London Oyster card also holds a certain market share. According to statistics, the 2013 non-contact traffic card about 93,000 IC compared with 2012, the data grew by 41%, excluding the 250 million NFC secure components shipped in 2013.

Second, the smart card inductive ic shipments, demand and the corresponding read-write device data

European non-contact smart security device shipments

Global smart security non-contact market demand distribution in 2013 and 2014

Global smart security device shipments in 2013 compared to 2014

Third, the following contactless ic industries will further develop cards and devices in 2014

Government large-scale projects and medical smart card card project

1. including Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Turkey and other countries.

2. ICAO standardized e-boarding service will boost the global demand for contactless documents and card readers.

In 2013, ten EU countries took the lead in Croatia, France and Italy to launch the demand for electronic drivers licenses.

Telecommunications Mobile Communications Industry

1. In the government trend, the Indian market strength SIM card shipments.

2. Due to the next generation of communication technology, 4G with the coming of the era, a new round of card replacement will provide a huge market demand.

Global smart ic card industry application development trend in 2014

 3. The development of M2M technology will further promote the development of non-contact market. Such as automobiles, intelligent measuring instruments, consumer electronic devices, etc.

Bank card replacement and retail membership model

EMV migration countries represented by the U.S. will further promote the demand for contactless smart cards.

2. Dual interface cards remain a non-contact card market share that cannot be ignored.

IV. Development of NFC

1. More than 400 million NFC will be launched in 2014 with secure components, including UICC, eSE and other factors.

2. The whole NFC operators, banks, merchants, transportation card operators and other industry chain needs are in demand, and contactless POS will have great development.

V. Smart card production

As a smart ic card manufacturer, CardCube Smart Card has completed the automation transformation of the whole production chain and has now established a full series of production lines from early design and printing to late lamination, cutting and testing, and the daily output of smart card can reach 400,000 pieces.

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