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International Standards for CPU Cards and Applications in the Financial Sector

CPU card international standard

International standard of CPU card and its application standard in financial field

International Organization for Standardization Since 1987, the international standards for CPU cards have been formulated and promulgated.

● ISO 10536 identification card - contactless integrated circuit card

● ISO 7816 identification card - integrated circuit card with contacts

● ISO7816-1 specifies the physical characteristics of the card. The physical characteristics of the card describe the ability to protect against ultraviolet light, the dose of X-ray, the mechanical strength of the card and contacts, and the ability to resist electromagnetic interference.

● ISO7816-2 specifies the size and location of the card.

ISO7816-3 specifies the electrical signal and transmission protocol of the card . The transmission protocol includes two kinds: synchronous transmission protocol and asynchronous transmission protocol.

ISO7816-4 specifies the card inter-industry exchange command. Including the command and response information sent in the card and the read-write room; the file and data structure and access method in the card; defining the file and data access authority and security structure in the card.

Basic features of the CPU card.

● ISO 14443 TypeA compliant and ISO dual interface 7816 interface CPU card

● Hardware DES3DES coprocessor

● Hardware RSA coprocessor

● Hardware SM1 coprocessor

● Hardware random number generator

CPU card functional requirements.

● Support for PBOC2.0 debit credit application

● Support PBOC2.0 loan record-based micro-payment applications

● Support for PBOC2.0 contactless IC card payment applications (i.e. QPBOC)

● Support PBOC2.0 application e-purse

● Support DDACDA authentication

CPU card application standard for financial sector

Chinas financial integrated circuit (IC) in March 1998, the Peoples Bank of China and nearly a dozen other financial units to adopt international standards to foreign advanced technology for the principles of ISO standards and Europay, Mastercard, Visa developed three organizations EMV based on 96, combined with domestic CPU to the actual needs of Chinas financial and application card CPU specifies the basic application of the card.

● ISO 992 financial transaction card-information between the integrated circuit card and the card-receiving device

● ISO 14443 identification card - Non-contact specification (distance 10) cm)

● ISO 10202 financial transaction card - Security structure for integrated circuit card financial transaction systems

● EMV: Integrated Circuit Card Specification and Integrated Circuit Card Terminal Specification for Payment Systems ISO standards and specifications for CPUs compared to other organizations can be consulted as needed.

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