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SLE4428 chip card has 1024 bytes EEPROM; 1024 bytes write protection area (curing data)

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SLE4428 chip card has 1024 bytes EEPROM; 1024 bytes write protection area (curing data); 2 bytes password, error count 8 times; temperature range: -35℃~80℃; erase cycle at least 10,000 times; data retention period of at least 10 years, mainly used for business administration, social security, personnel temporary residence permit, code certificate, etc.

SLE4428 chip card has 1024 bytes EEPROM; 1024 bytes write protection area (curing data)

I. Description:

1.SLE4428 IC card production capacity is 1Kbytes,0~1023 address space.

2. All the data can be read in any case except the password, which can be read after checking the correct password.

3. After checking the correct password, all data including the password itself can be read.

4. All data can be write-protected by byte, and the data is solidified after protection and cannot be changed in any way.

5. There is a password error counter. The address is 1021. the initial value is 8. if the password is checked incorrectly once, it is reduced by 1. if the counter value is 0, the data of the whole card will be locked and can only be read, not written or changed, and the password cannot be continued to be checked; if it is not 0, it is checked only once and the counter will be restored to its initial value.

6. The password length is 2bytes, the address is 1022 and 1023. 216 combinations are available, reading these two addresses results in "00;, and cannot be written or changed until the password is checked correctly; after the password is checked correctly, the password can be read or changed, and the password will be valid until the card is powered off.

7. Unique code. Address 21 ~ 26 is the user code of the card, our company can specifically set the SIEMENS world's only registered user code for the user, the maximum protection of the interests of the user. The company's unique code is 6D77363633XX (hexadecimal), ASCII code MW663x. the 6th byte XX will be used in 00 to FF will be assigned to the user range. This code cannot be changed after curing.

8. Address 0 ~ 7, 21 ~ 26 factory has been cured by the manufacturer before, can not be changed.

II. Storage area allocation

III. Notes on IC production cards

1, SLE4428 IC card production has three security mechanisms: user password, unique code and curing write. If the password is not checked correctly, the data cannot be written. Once written to protect (curing), it can not be changed. The system uses a unique code IC the identification of the card can prevent counterfeit cards of the same model from breaking into the system.

2. SLE4428IC the whole card data can be read without a password, so the design should pay attention to the content encryption to prevent damage to identify the data format.

3. The whole card is not partitioned. Once the password is checked correctly, the data can be written or modified to any address. Therefore, during the design process, care should be taken to properly solidify the data encryption data content to prevent the data from being inadvertently damaged or illegally changed.

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