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Introduction of public transportation IC card and related bus card knowledge

ublic transportation IC card is an IC card used for non-cash payment of urban public transportation. The commonly used public transportation IC cards are inductive IC card, CPU card, PSAM card and so on. Passengers first purchase the bus ic card, prepaid amount in the card, ride through the car ic card reader terminal deduct the amount of the current ride. It can effectively save the cash circulation and change link.

Introduction of bus IC card and related bus card knowledge

History of bus IC card use (Take Beijing bus IC card as an example)

In May 2006, Beijing Bus officially abolished the paper monthly pass and adopted the IC card method, but retained the counting function of the monthly pass, with 140 monthly trips and 20% discount for the invalid monthly pass.

In January 2007, Beijing Bus cancelled the monthly pass function in the IC card, and completely used the cash recharge and swipe card function, with two discounts for students and 40% for adults. Except for Bafangda lines and subway lines.

In February 2007, Beijing Public Transport issued the pass card.

In November 2007, Beijing Public Transport abolished the monthly pass function of the subway, and also reduced the cost of each ride from three yuan to two yuan, without counting the interchange.

The Beijing-Tianjin card went on sale for the first time in Tianjin on August 7, 2008 and in Beijing on August 15. The first purchase price is 60 yuan, including a deposit of 20 yuan, a stored value of 20 yuan for the Beijing part and a stored value of 20 yuan for the Tianjin part, respectively, to enjoy preferential rides in both places, but the stored value area is not common.

Recently, the transportation industry on the "public transport IC card technical requirements" and "public transport IC card read-write terminal technical requirements" two technical standards for the public to solicit comments.

Public transportation IC card status

In 2013, "the State Council on the priority development of public transport guidance" officially issued, requiring the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan; during the period, the comprehensive promotion and popularization of urban public transport "a card; to speed up the application of different modes of transport in the city; accelerate the improvement of the standard system, and gradually realize cross-municipal public transport "a card; interoperability. The public consultation of the public transport IC card series of technical standards is the implementation of the State Councils views on the important embodiment of the spirit.

Public transportation IC card technical standards specify the technical requirements and basic transaction process and test methods for IC cards (including CPU user cards and PSAM cards) used for non-cash payment in urban public transportation, the general requirements of vehicle IC card reading and writing terminals, hardware technical requirements, basic functional requirements, terminal transaction process and test methods.

In China, with the promotion of one card, basically every city has its own bus IC card, with the continuous development of science and technology, bus IC card in the play of bus, subway card consumption function at the same time, consumption function more and more, gradually participate in the cab consumption, municipal utilities payment, shopping mall discount consumption, light rail consumption, parking lot consumption, convenience store consumption. In some cities, the bus IC card even acts as a local city card. Such as Shenzhen pass, Rongcheng one card, Hongcheng one card, Jinling pass, etc.; some cities bus IC card and other cities bus IC card network interoperability, can realize the card, such as Changsha bus IC card, Beijing bus IC card, Tianjin bus IC card, Wuhan bus IC card, Guangzhou bus IC card, Shenzhen bus IC card, Fuzhou bus IC card, etc.

Public transportation IC card type division and processing process.

Bus IC card is generally divided into: student card, adult card, senior citizen card, employee card, etc. from the use of the crowd. Except for the adult card, all other types of cards enjoy certain benefits.

Senior citizen card: generally available at the designated location of the bus company, for which you need to provide your account book, an ID card that matches your account, and a 2-inch color photo.

Student card: school students for student cards need to present the household register, student proof (student card, payment slip, school certificate holding one of them), a recent bareheaded one-inch color photo.

Public transportation IC card production production process

Public transportation IC card is generally purchased by the bus system integrator or bus group from IC card production manufacturers. After the completion of the production after the bus company in the system for initial encryption operation can be used normally on the system. The cards made by individuals in the factory without authorization cannot be used.

Public transportation IC card manufacturers are generally concentrated in Shenzhen area, CardCube is a professional IC card manufacturer in China, with a monthly output of over 12 million IC cards.

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