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The same number ID card, the same number IC card production production method

In some special cases, in order to facilitate management, the corresponding batch of induction ID cards or IC cards need to have the same number. Then the same number ID card, the same number IC how to produce cards?

The same number ID card, the same number IC card production production method

A, the use of ic card and id card internal code facing the problem

ic card and id chip wafer production process burned card code, ic crystal wafer through the chip binding made COB, COB and then by the card packaging manufacturer for antenna welding, lamination, printing and other processes ic card and id card.

Serial number IC card Serial number ID card

In the whole process, the code in the general card factory production ic card / id card is disorderly and without rules because the order of the use of the crystal element can not be controlled. The code in the chip has been solidified in the chip production process, so how to produce the same code? id card, the same number ic card?

The same number ic card

Second, the number of the same ID card, the same number IC production card method

In summary, there are the following methods

1. by customizing the same internal code chip, the production of the same number id card / ic card

Through the chip manufacturer to customize a number of consecutive number wafer, and then let the card manufacturer individually bound production, production card customization.

Disadvantages: mass production is convenient, low cost, but the custom chip cycle is long, the number is small, not cost-effective.

2. By replacing the chip number to complete the same number id card / ic card production.

General id card can be through the T5577, EM4305, EM alternative 4102 and other chips. ic card can be through the UID chip, rewrite UID production is completed, through the software and reader to write the corresponding fixed number and standard id with the card. This production, greatly save labor costs.

Disadvantage: Because the cost price of chips such as T5577, EM4305 and EM4102 is much higher than the cost of id chips, the factory cost of the final card will also be much higher than the id card.

Card cube is now working with chip manufacturers to develop ID chips, the ID chip internal code burning process into the card making process is completed, card making and then write the card, can be fully customized ID according to the data requirements to produce the same number of card ID of course, the card is not in the conversation.

Even number ID card

3, through the ic card reader, read and write induction card ic to achieve the card number

ic the card is a kind of encryptable memory card, its security is higher than id card, but the ic card does not have a corresponding replacement chip, then how to achieve the serial number it? The general method is to write a continuous card number in a specific fan area and block, then encrypted, and read the card number through a card reader.

Disadvantage: Because the ic card is an encrypted memory card, the development interface of the ic card reader must be integrated into the software used when using it, which needs to be done by the software company through secondary development, which undoubtedly increases the threshold of use. Card Cube has developed a driver-free plug-and-play ic card reader which is undoubtedly a better choice.

Serial number IC card reader

IC card write the same number way:write the card number by IC card number, plug and play IC card reader HXDIC-U, you can directly read out the written card number and input to the cursor position. Can be customized according to customer requirements written data, IC in the card to write the same number of data becomes very simple.

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