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Modern document production technology

Document production technology should contain media materials, card making process and equipment, personal information entry and identification, as well as anti-counterfeiting measures and issuance information management. Traditional documents are mostly single-page type or this type of paper documents, made of plastic sealing film heat sealing, easy to forge, easy to dirty, easy to damage, short use time and rough texture, does not adapt to the modern society for document security and information management requirements. Card documents began in 1958, firstly the Americans applied to drivers license, then the emergence of identity cards, medical cards, credit cards, so that the rapid development of card technology, the scope of application greatly expanded, its characteristics are the development of microelectronics technology brought about by the card type electronic documents and computer system and the clever combination of identification technology. Therefore modern document production technology is card production technology.

Card materials are mainly plastic, including polyvinyl chloride, polyester, ABS plastic, their performance is different from conventional materials of the same kind, for example, in order to hot pressing after non-destructive peel, require the document substrate wrinkle resistance, tear resistance, and most of the conventional polyvinyl chloride are translucent, used for the card to have a high light-blocking performance, etc..

Card production process includes, layout, printing, personal information entry and output, etc. Early card production needs professional card factory production, expensive investment in equipment, and only suitable for batch operations, new employees and lost card replacement, can not meet. Nowadays, due to computer typesetting, database management, network, image processing technology and especially the birth and development of new printing technology, to the card production has brought great convenience, while the reduction of equipment prices to the units of homemade cards to provide the possibility. And no need to turn to professional card factory, time-consuming and laborious, and not easy to manage.

The anti-counterfeiting technology of the document is an extremely important issue in the production of the document, the anti-counterfeiting technology of the document to solve the two problems of identification of the authenticity of the document, the identity of the holder and the document confirmation, usually by the naked eye to observe the appearance of the document, logo and photo, etc., with the forgery, forgery document crime activities are increasingly rampant, the criminal means increasingly sophisticated, people have to invest more energy and money, research and adopt high-tech achievements to improve the document resistance As forgery and counterfeit documents are becoming more and more rampant and criminal methods are becoming more sophisticated, people have to invest more energy and money in researching and adopting high-tech achievements to improve document resistance to forgery, and constantly introduce new and innovative document security technology products.

The anti-counterfeiting technology of documents is mainly the technical encryption of various materials used, image design, production process and so on.

The use of special, undetectable or relatively complex ways and means to make documents difficult to imitate or tamper with. For example, copy watermark, add security line, mixed with special ingredients, micro-printing, broken line wiring, invisible pattern, set secret mark, magnetic and color changing ink, unconventional signs (such as holographic, cursor image), IC chip, etc., itself has a security function, added to the document to enhance the security performance of the document.

In order to ensure the identity of the document and the holder, the biometric characteristics of the holder, such as fingerprints, palm prints, retinas, sound waves and other information, can also be recorded on the document or stored in a database to facilitate identity verification in special security places. The ultimate purpose of a document is to be used and checked. Therefore, any anti-counterfeiting design should be based on the security level of a certain document, and should not be made into a document that is inconvenient to use and check for the sake of anti-counterfeiting.

Types of cards

Barcode card - barcode card includes visible and invisible barcode, first used in the package

Modern document production technology

The card can be read out quickly and in close proximity, and the newly emerged two-dimensional barcode can store the cardholders photo, and the information content is greatly improved to facilitate encryption and anti-counterfeiting. However, non-rewritable, singularity, etc. more suitable for batch products, for personal card series will be somewhat restricted.

Magnetic (stripe) card - magnetic (stripe) card is a magnetic medium attached or coated on a specific location on one side of the card type document, with a magnetic head can be written, read out information, the earliest use in the financial, communications control and other fields. Watermark magnetic and holographic magnetic technology has improved the anti-counterfeiting performance of magnetic cards and increased the competitiveness in terms of performance to price ratio. The current market share is the first, but increasingly affected by the impact of smart cards.

OCR card - that is, printed with readable optical character cards for readers to read out. Can be quickly and accurately checked, widely used in citizens passports, for immigration control in various countries.

Laser card - this card is a very large capacity, high strength laser card, is another major contribution to the field of information technology, is mostly used for medical cards. Due to the more expensive reading and writing machine, limiting the popularity.

Contact IC card - contact IC card for short, card carrier inlay (or injection) with IC chip, with storage or microprocessor function. Large information capacity, can store photos, fingerprints and other human physiological data, good confidentiality performance, can operate independently without relying on the database, memory can be divided into multiple application areas, to achieve a card multi-use. Because of the above advantages, contact IC cards are commonly used, but recently they have also been strongly influenced by contactless IC cards.

Non-contact IC card - non-contact IC card is referred to as induction card, inherited the strong points of contact IC card, and at the same time in the card read-write mode made improvements, from the electrical signal contact read-write, adjusted to wireless induction read-write, so that for the need for frequent use of documents or need to work in the outdoors, non-contact IC card shows great advantage, of course, because of non-contact IC card manufacturing process is relatively complex, while reading and writing Of course, due to the relatively complex manufacturing process of non-contact IC card, while reading and writing equipment need special security read-write module, resulting in higher prices than contact IC card.

ID card printer types - traditional card production is to rely on film, sun, printing, cutting and pasting, glue and other means, bringing great inconvenience to people. It can print text, images and personal photos directly on the plastic card at one time, and the card issuing process is fully automated. There are many companies in the world that offer ID card printers for people to choose from.

Color card production system

System function - Color image identification card production system adopts contemporary new technology and new equipment, which can print color photo, text, barcode and other information directly on PVC and ABS substrate cards at one time, without photo, without cutting, pasting, pressing and other complicated processes, and can produce multi-purpose color photo ID (Identification Card), which can also be used by laser anti-counterfeit film For the card holders of institutions, it can improve the authority of documents and facilitate the execution of official duties, and for enterprises, it can expand the role of visibility, improve identity and attract customers. Its base material card available PVC, ABS blank card, magnetic stripe card, IC card or induction card.

Card making process - the color image identification card system, the application of digital imaging principle and thermal transfer technology for card making, that is, the computer for graphic layout, through the four-color special ribbon with solid ink, transfer to the PVC card. The system applies the window software under the Chinese Windows environment, which can directly arrange various patterns and Chinese and English fonts on the display. Its personal portrait or logo can be recorded by camera, digital camera or scanner, the mouse operation is convenient and flexible, the size and position of the window (photo image) can be set arbitrarily, and the background color, border stereo and rotation of the graphic text required can be done as you wish.

The system is equipped with a special high-precision image card, in addition to the image input / output function, with compression and decompression and image acceleration function, its compression and decompression function can be high times the image compression, thereby effectively saving disk space, and can be high-fidelity restoration, its image acceleration function can improve the rapidity of graphics processing, improve the systems card making speed. The grand launch of the color image card system will enable customers to operate more effectively in such areas as photo, barcode processing, database management, magnetic card and IC card residence writing, and increase the functions of multi-window operation, batch data entry, local lamination, etc., so as to meet certain special occasions of use.

Application areas - image recognition card with personal portrait, text, barcode, magnetic stripe, IC and other electronic information, in line with the national "three gold project" to promote the requirements of its beautifully printed, colorful, graphic, with beautiful, durable, anti-counterfeit, a card multi-purpose features, can be widely used in valid documents (work permit, ID card, library card, access card, service card, etc.). It can be widely used in valid documents (work card, ID card, library card, access card, service card, badge), credit cards, travel souvenir cards, etc., with magnetic cards, bar codes, IC cards, induction card readers can be used for stored value cards, regional consumption cards, insurance cards, driver violation cards, stock trading cards, tax cards, attendance cards, dining cards, access control cards, membership cards of parks, clubs, hospitals and various electronic charges, etc.

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