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Crystal drip card production affects the quality of the four reasons!

A. What is crystal drip card?

Also known as crystal drip card crystal card", amber card", crystal keychain card". Drip card is generally shaped non-standard card, much smaller than the ordinary standard membership card. This kind of card can be punched and then threaded with a key ring or elastic coil, which can be hung on the key or backpack at will and carried conveniently. With the development of the times, drip cards are more and more popular among customers, and drip cards have also ushered in their peak development.

Crystal drip card production affects the quality of the four reasons!

Second, crystal drip card production process

To identify the quality of drip cards, first of all, we must have a certain understanding of the production process of drip cards. The production of drip card and ordinary membership card (here called standard card) production is basically the same, the main difference lies in the printing synthesis after punching and drip glue. Standard card cutting after the basic completion, then according to the customer requirements of the process processing, and then can be shipped, cutting after the drip card, need to drip glue, two sides drip glue, drip glue needs to be natural solidification, generally need 12 hours molding, and then flip, the other side of the drip glue, need 12 hours, need to perforate the elastic coil. (Some punching is cut when punching, but this method is gradually eliminated, the main reason is that dripping glue after punching can easily lead to glue outflow, resulting in molding failure).

Third, the factors that determine the quality of drip card

Generally attributed to four factors PVC new and old materials; second is the quality of printing; third is the quality of glue; fourth is the final state of the glue molding.

The first point: the old and new PVC material.

PVC can be seen with the naked eye old and new material. When you get the card, you can carefully observe the cross section of the card. The new material is usually white. The old material is produced after waste recycling and melting, and is usually black, so the old material will also give a bad feeling.

The second is the quality of the printing.

The quality of printing is very important to the quality of a card. Whether the printing is clear and the color is qualified. As for the quality of the whole card, if the printing quality is not up to standard and the printed product does not look clear, it would be too bad.

The third point: the quality of the glue.

In order to control costs, many manufacturers use glue quality is very general, many of them are small workshop production of glue, the quality does not meet the national standards, there are some hidden dangers, the standard to distinguish the quality of glue is to smell, smell carefully, the general ordinary glue drop card almost no smell of glue.

The fourth point glue final molding.

After the glue drip, the surface of the card is covered by the self-flow of glue. For some reasons, after the glue drip, some can not cover the whole surface, there will be some corners not covered with glue, there will be an unsightly feeling.

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