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Crystal drip card vs. shaped card!

Recently, many customers consult that sometimes people will call crystal drip cards shaped cards when they introduce crystal drip cards, sometimes they will say crystal drip cards and shaped cards are not the same kind of products, so they are very confused and dont know whether crystal drip cards are shaped cards and what is the relationship and difference.

Crystal drip cards vs. shaped cards!

In response to this problem, Card Cube has sorted out the relevant information and described the difference between crystal drip cards and shaped cards.

I. Concept distinction

Crystal drip card belongs to shaped card, which is a unique kind of shaped card. In fact, there is no clear definition of shaped cards in the smart card industry. Generally speaking, cards with irregular shape and size (the size of standard card is 85.5*54*0.76mm) can be called shaped cards, and shaped cards can be packed with different types of smart card chips, and crystal drip cards are one of shaped cards. However, unlike the general shaped cards, the unique feature of crystal drip card is that its card surface (single-sided or double-sided) is dripped with epoxy adhesive, which makes the card surface crystal clear and presents a three-dimensional feeling, so it is more popular.

Second, the production process

In the production process, some production processes will be limited because of the drip glue on the card surface of crystal drip card. For example, you can add ordinary shaped card UV, spray code and other processes, if you want to add crystal drip card, UV spray code process will be limited (so not recommended).

Third, the chip selection

Whether ordinary shaped cards or crystal drip cards, embedded chips are the same, customers can choose the right chip according to their needs. According to the chip working frequency, the chip is usually divided into low frequency chip (12.5KHZ), high frequency chip (13.56MHZ) UHF chip (860~960MHZ), each frequency has several different chips.

Third, the pursuit of market

Finally, compared with ordinary shaped cards, crystal drip card surface epoxy adhesive has better protection and wear resistance, so the service life of crystal drip card is generally higher than ordinary shaped cards, more popular.

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