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Shenyang "Shengjing Pass" card can be used in 48 cities across the country

It is understood that in August this year, the cities that currently hold Shenyang Shengjing Pass have increased from the original 35 to 48. At the same time, the bus cards of these 48 cities can also be swiped in Shenyang and enjoy 90% discount.

Public transportation drip card

At present, the number of cities joining the national city card interconnection platform has increased from the original 35 cities to 50 cities. The large nationwide unified platform will provide interoperable services for citizens of 50 cities with ride-sharing service drip cards.

These cities are:Shanghai, Ningbo (Zhejiang), Shaoxing (Zhejiang), Huzhou (Zhejiang), Taizhou (Zhejiang), Changshu (Jiangsu), Lanzhou (Gansu), Baiyin (Gansu), Nanchang (Jiangxi), Yongzhou (Hunan), Huludao (Liaoning), Jinzhou (Liaoning), Jiangyou (Sichuan), Fushun (Liaoning), Kunshan (Jiangsu), Huaian (Jiangsu), Jiangyin (Jiangsu), Tianjin, Shenyang (Liaoning ), Sanya (Hainan), Zhanjiang (Guangdong), Wuxi (Jiangsu), Nantong (Jiangsu), Liaoyuan (Jilin), Songyuan (Jilin), Karamay (Xinjiang), Yulin (Shaanxi)

Shenyang "Shengjing Pass" card can be used in 48 cities nationwide

Xingcheng (Liaoning).

Shengjing Pass can be used in 48 cities by bus

People with Shenyang Shengjing Pass One Card can use the card to ride buses in interconnected cities, including Shenyang. However, it is especially emphasized that among these 50 interconnected cities, Shanghai and Karamay are not yet open for interconnection, so in fact, Shengjing Pass can currently be swiped in 48 cities in different places.

At the same time, only the ordinary consumer cards of Shengjing Pass can be swiped in the Internet cities, including the ordinary stored-value subway tickets that are automatically upgraded to Shengjing Pass cards, and other cards that implement preferences according to local policies cannot be used elsewhere for the time being. In addition, each city-issued ticket card has its own code. When people use them elsewhere, they will show which city they are from.

In addition, I would like to remind you that the Shengjing Pass One Card can only be used in cities that have joined the Internet, but in some cities, there is more than one bus company. Passengers should pay attention to the bus company that joins the Internet when choosing to ride in different places.

At present, Shenyang has launched the interconnection function upgrade of city bus swipe card machine, and the bus card of the connected city can be spent on the bus in Shenyang. However, at present, Shenyang credit card is limited to the field of public transport, the subway system has not yet been realized. At the same time, these 48 Internet cities also provide credit card preferential policies that meet the local truth. Among them, passengers in different places will enjoy a 10% discount on the base fare.

In addition, individual cities such as Huludao and Changshu can also use the one-card in cabs.

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