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What are the advantages of contactless IC card application?

⒈ high reliability.

What are the advantages of the application of non-contact IC card?

There is no mechanical contact between the non-contact IC card and the reader, avoiding various contact failures caused by contact reading and writing. For example, due to coarse inserted card, non-inserted card, dust or oil and other reasons lead to poor contact. In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of the non-contact card, no need to worry about chip off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage These problems not only facilitate the printing of the card, but also improve the reliability of card production.

The peal operation is convenient and fast.

Due to the non-contact communication, read-write in 10cm card can be operated within the range, no need to insert the card is very convenient for users to use. Contactless card use without direction. Card can be in any direction by reading and writing data to complete the operation, greatly improving the speed of each use.


Contactless cards have a fast anti-collision mechanism that prevents data interference between cards. Therefore, the reader can handle multiple non-contact card IC cards at the same time. This increases the parallelism of the application and actually increases the working speed of the system.

Singed applications are more versatile:

The storage structure of contactless cards features a multi-application card that can be used in different systems, and users can set different passwords and access conditions for different applications.

Be careful with encryption.

The serial number of the contactless card is unique. The manufacturer cures this serial number before the product leaves the factory and cannot be changed. The contactless card and the reader use a two-way verification mechanism, that is, the reader verifies the legality of the IC card , when IC the card also verifies the legality of the reader. The contactless card should be mutually authenticated with the reader three times before processing Encrypt all data in the communication process. In addition, compared to contact, each fan area in the card has its own operating code and access conditions IC cards have unparalleled advantages and are ideally suited for electronic wallets, automatic road toll collection systems and bus vending systems, etc.

Select RF card classification.

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Borrowing contact IC card classification.

Contact IC card, IC card, FM4428 IC card, FM4442 IC card, SLE5542 IC card, SLE5528 IC card piece, original chip IC card, domestic chip IC Fudan chip IC card, smart card, chip card.

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