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How is the drip card produced?

Also known as mini induction cards, drip cards have a small and beautiful appearance and are easy to carry. So how is the drip card produced?

How is the drip adhesive card produced?

Drip Card Mini Induction Card

CardCube is a professional manufacturer of drip cards in China, and we would like to introduce the production process of drip cards.

1、Layout design and layout of drip card: The designer will design the printing layout according to the customers requirements, and confirm the publication and printing after the design is finished. Before design, the customer should provide the name, address, telephone and other specific requirements.

Drip card design

Second, drip card layout printing: drip cards are generally printed using high-definition large digital printing machine or Heidelberg GTO printing machine to ensure that the drip card pattern clear, small color difference, bright colors, high saturation, UV drying treatment, effective anti-UV, not afraid of sunlight, more durable!

Drip card printing

Three, drip card material and chip selection: Shanghai production of commonly used drip card material PVC/PET is the main, PET material has high temperature resistance, easy to deformation characteristics; PVC material is lighter and more moisture-proof. Card Cube is firmly against garbage recycling materials, and the materials meet credit card standards!

Drip Card Materials and Chips

In terms of chips, we have a long time NXP, EM, TI Texas Instruments in the United States, INSIDE, LEG drip cards, ST, ATMEL Hua Hong, Fudan Microelectronics and other manufacturers to establish cooperative relations, the original chip quality, high sensitivity, to ensure that each drip card is a good product!

Fourth, drip card positioning lamination

Drip card generally uses 7 layers of materials: the middle layer of the drip card chip, from the inside out PVC board, printing materials, protective film (the thinnest up to 0.02mm, half of the peer), through continuous high-temperature lamination tightly together, the appearance of just one material!

Drip card positioning lamination

5、Drip card die punching and cutting: Over the years, CardCube has accumulated more than 500 sets of dies of different shapes for customers to choose for free and classic. Also, if customers have special shape requirements, you can customize new molds to ensure your requirements are met.

Drip card punching and forming

Sixth, drip card printing card surface quality inspection: in the spirit of responsibility to customers, establish strict quality inspection standards to ensure that the factory pass rate of 100%!

Drip card surface quality inspection

7, small card drip glue air dry: the use of advanced automatic drip glue equipment, more uniform and beautiful than manual operation. At the same time, due to the high quality of the glue, drip glue effect pure, no impurities; weather resistance, 1-5 years without yellow!

Drip glue card drip glue wind card processing

Eight, drip glue card finished punching testing ranking: the finished drip glue card punching, testing, threading rope ranking and other operations to ensure that the factory each drip glue card is a boutique!

Perforated perforated drip card with rope sleeve

Nine, drip card bagging packaging shipping: due to the strong production strength, fast shipping, drip cards can be shipped in 7 days; three layers of tight packaging, safe to reach you!

Drip card packaging

10、CardCube promises service: fine management of customer and order information through customer management system, which is easy to replace cards later. Customer service team is online 7*24 hours, any quality problem after sale, free re-production, free courier to your door, so you are completely worry-free!

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