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Introduction to drip cards, which chips can be encapsulated in drip cards

Drip card is a new product in recent years. Because of its beautiful and generous appearance and various shapes, it is loved by young people. So what is a drip card and what chips can be packed with drip cards? The following is the professional introduction of Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Card Technology Co.

Introduction of drip card, what chips can be packaged in drip card

Drip card

Drip card is made of various materials printing and imported crystal drip rubber, can be packaged with various smart chips. Drip card can be dustproof and waterproof - no bubble - transparent like glass - good three-dimensional sense. And the shape of drip card can be made according to the different requirements of customers to make a variety of cartoon shape, bright colors, realistic image, is the ideal choice for the promotion activities of enterprises.

At present, Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Card Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of drip cards. id drip cards and drip cards in addition to drip cards, also provide contact drip cards, induction drip cards, id cards, CPU cards, visual cards, bus drip cards smart cards and various types of card readers, such as cards, shaped cards, metal cards, etc..

At present, we can choose dozens of shapes for drip adhesive cards, provide personalization, and can package various chips:EM4100, 4102, 4069, 4550, S50, S70, ULtralight, ST176, T5557, T88RF256, TK4100, INSIDE, LEG drip adhesive card min 256, etc.

Drip cards

Application scope of drip card: membership management, points, consumption system, one card payment, product identification, school management, community management, access control attendance, identification, public transportation, parking, skiing, tickets

The card making process of drip card can make offset printing, silk screen printing, pad printing, spray code, flat code and other processes. The shell is made of advanced anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant material by refined mold. Internal sealed RF card chip, filled with epoxy resin, combined by ultrasonic welding.

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How is the drip card produced?


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