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Drip card product overview!

Drip card, also known as crystal drip card, can be built-in id or drip card chip made of ID drip card or drip card drip card can be made according to customer requirements cartoon drip card, wrapped drip card, round drip card, etc., and then add crystal glue on both sides, so that the product can be dustproof, waterproof, transparent, such as glass, with a good sense of three-dimensional, gorgeous colors, realistic image, is the ideal choice for enterprises!

Peal drip card card making process.

This product can be made offset printing, screen printing, pad printing, spray code, flat code and other processes. The shell is made of refined mold and advanced anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant material. Internal sealed RF card chip, filled with epoxy resin, combined by ultrasonic welding.

The scope of use of the drip card.

Common types of drip cards include ID drip cards, drip cards, common drip cards, cartoon drip cards, wraparound drip cards, crystal drip cards which can be used for membership management, points, consumer systems, one-card payment, product identification, school management, community management, access control, identification, public transportation, etc.

Singing drip cards can have a built-in chip type

Induction chips are usually used in drip cards, such as our common M1 drip cards, ID drip cards, drip cards drip cards, T5577 drip cards, S50 drip cards, and packaging chips including: EM4100, 4102, 4069, 4550, S50, S70, ULtralight, ST176, T5557, T88RF256, TK4100 INSIDE, LEG drip card min 256, etc., just the induction chip can be made with drip process.

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Drip card drip card direct manufacturer, can provide design, production one-stop service


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