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The difference between food grade ic silicone wristbands and ordinary ic silicone wristbands

In order to meet the development needs of the market, the raw materials of ic wristbands must be verified by some safety verification, such as FDA testing, ROSH report and so on. In todays market there are two kinds of ic wristbands: ordinary ic wristbands and food-grade ic wristbands, for these two kinds of ic wristbands, we should not be unfamiliar, as to how to distinguish, I believe that the parents do not know. First of all, Zhengxinglong to popularize the difference between food-grade ic wristbands and ordinary ic wristbands products.

The difference between food-grade ic wristbands and ordinary ic wristbands

1, from the molding process to distinguish

Ordinary ic wristbands raw materials using the most traditional vulcanizing agent processing, although the product is non-toxic, no smell and other aspects of performance; but ordinary ic wristbands products have a fatal shortcomings, is that with the growth of time if the product does not maintain the ordinary ic wristbands will occur yellowing or dark lines. Food-grade ic wristbands are made of imported ic wristbands raw materials, two-component vulcanizing machine processing in all aspects of performance than ordinary ic wristbands, such as in the case of long-term use will not yellowing or dark lines and other phenomena.

2、Distinguish from the scope of application

Ordinary ic wristbands are most commonly used in environmental protection industrial supplies, accessories and auto parts, electrical parts; food grade ic wristbands are widely used in medical and health supplies, daily necessities (such as ic wristbands kitchenware, ic wristbands gifts, etc.), baby products and other areas with high requirements for safety and environmental protection level.?

3、Distinguish from the surface and use performance

Ordinary ic wristbands can not achieve some performance effects, such as: temperature range -40 ~ 280 ° long-term use will not yellowing, degradation; general ordinary ic wristbands in ic wristband products manufacturers to consider the time and processing costs on the vulcanization process will not do a good job, so ordinary ic wristbands is a great smell; surface opaque at the same time there will be the phenomenon of sticky dust, in short, ordinary ic wristbands Is far from the performance of food-grade ic wristbands made out of the product.

Currently there are also many cracked raw materials on the market to produce poor quality ic wristbands, Zhengxinglong remind parents, do not want to greed for a little cheap and buy a poor quality ic wristbands baby supplies, which not only does not withstand, but also on the babys health to produce a considerable harm Oh!

The difference between food-grade ic wristbands and latex

Food-grade ic wristbands have become the hottest and safest baby products material, for baby use food-grade ic wristbands also need to make a difference with latex, and this difference is most seen in the pacifier.

Because there is no certainty in the treatment of latex in terms of de nitrite (a particularly carcinogenic substance), when babies come into contact with latex, they are likely to be more prone to allergic reactions than ic wristbands. ic wristbands can remain flexible at 100-200 degrees or -40 degrees and can be sterilized in boiling water for pacifiers many times over. The heavy metal content and evaporative residues are very low, and no leachate from prolonged boiling. Latex colloids become soft in high temperatures and are prone to odor, and poor quality latex can produce toxins in high temperatures. Latex pacifiers have a shorter life span and are more prone to aging; ic wristbands pacifiers do not become hard and do not crack with long-term use or storage.

The characteristics of food grade ic wristbands

When it comes to the advantages of food-grade ic wristbands, in fact, it is not all-powerful, but in contrast to the old material, that there is still a very superior, now let Zhengxinglong for still do not understand the food-grade ic wristbands baby parents count: 1.

1, food-grade ic wristband is a kind of environmental protection silicon ic wristband, non-toxic, no smell, high transparency.

2, soft, good elasticity, resistance to kinking without deformation.

3, not cracked, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance.

4、higher tear strength and superior electrical properties.

5、No yellowing when placed at room temperature, no frost spraying, no white spitting, no fading, no scale in water for a long time, no odor.

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