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Access control a card classification!

Access control system is divided into card access control, biometric access control and password access control according to the identification of the prohibition system. Card access control can meet the needs of the general area security requirements management. Password access control is rarely used alone. In general, joint credit cards provide a higher level of security. Because each persons biometric features are different, biometric features are usually combined with credit cards and passwords for the highest level of security.

2. Card access control classification

Card access control can be divided into ID cards, IC cards, CUP cards, etc. ID card full name identification card is a kind of induction card can not be written. With the increase in demand, ID card can not write the weaknesses of its application is limited, IC card piece once popular. But since 2007, some people claim to have cracked the CRYPTO encryption algorithm of MifareClassic chip, ordinary algorithm IC due to security problems, the card is gradually replaced by the solution CPU card. CUP card encryption and decryption function is completed by the embedded hardware encryption processor, using triple DES cipher length of 128-bit algorithm encryption. Currently, CPU cards are widely used in ID cards, social security cards, bank cards and other areas with high confidentiality requirements, campus, enterprise card CPU card is also very popular.

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ID card access control field reference chip
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