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Electronic student card products and functions introduction

Intelligent electronic student certificate: It is an intelligent electronic student certificate designed to command the modern management needs of schools. The product integrates childrens cell phone, satellite positioning, remote attendance and campus cartoon consumption functions. Schools and parents can view students attendance records, school information interaction, information release, student location inquiry, etc. through the school management platform, creating an intelligent and safe campus for schools.

Intelligent electronic student ID card product features.

⒈ electronic sign-in (need school authorization to open), home-school interaction function, leaving school SMS notification parents.

⒉ Parents of the childs safety monitoring more convenient, accurate positioning queries.

One-click family conversation and family call function (4 outgoing and 10 incoming calls can be set at the same time).

Singing SOS emergency assistance.

Smart electronic student ID card and platform with information notification function for students on campus).

Selective protection against external phone harassment.

Borrowing without the distraction of SMS and games.

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