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Anti-counterfeiting card production of the 5 anti-counterfeiting technology!

Laser anti-counterfeiting is also known as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. It is the most widely used first generation of commodity anti-counterfeiting technology. Laser anti-counterfeiting technology includes three aspects: laser hologram anti-counterfeiting, encrypted laser hologram anti-counterfeiting and laser engraving anti-counterfeiting technology. Generally speaking, naked eye observation is the main one, and internal engraving features can also be identified by microscopic devices.

Peal digital anti-counterfeit card

Consumers can check the authenticity of digital labels by phone, SMS and Internet. Because the anti-counterfeiting numbers are only printed on the exterior, they can be easily forged.

△ Texture anti-counterfeit card

Material texture itself has many different patterns, such as pattern, wood grain, stone grain, etc. Using this randomness principle, the inherent texture characteristics of the material itself are used as the anti-counterfeiting identification mark to make the label. Then, photograph, number, file and store each label data to the anti-counterfeiting database to increase the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting. Consumers can distinguish authenticity by searching for documents via the Internet and telephone.

Singing Security Line Watermark Cards

Security line watermark security refers to the addition of security lines to the security watermark, thus providing a double security effect that can be easily identified visually by the consumer. The printing counterfeit threshold of this anti-counterfeiting technology is very high and cannot be completed by duplicate printing.

Be careful with the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeit card

Ordinary two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting adopts two-dimensional code encryption technology to identify products, and users only need to decode the designated two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system or cell phone software to verify the authenticity of the products. Although it is convenient to detect fraud, there is still the risk of being copied and stolen by fraudsters. Feature QR code generation applications cannot be generated or read externally using custom code software and special decryption equipment to read, which can give each product a special secure and unique identification.

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