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High hardness id wristband processing method, how much do you know

The key to choosing the effect of id wristbands lies in the design effect, but sometimes the key effect of a product may also be its appearance pattern or hard and soft degree, and want to customize id wristbands must match the hard and soft degree, many product design style is very beautiful, but in the selected soft and hard effect often has a different effect, especially shaped pieces of straight angle larger id wristbands in the hardness selected must be idea several The problem.

High hardness id wristbands processing methods, you know how much

As we all know what things are the harder the material it will be more brittle, reasonable use will not appear above the problem, like steel in tungsten steel, high hardness material brittle, so in the id wristbands industry also has the same phenomenon, id wristbands the higher the material, the greater the possibility of it becoming brittle, in addition to the shape of the product in a very brittle condition, the chances of tearing broken is relatively large, for id wristbands, hardness For id wristbands, too high hardness is the most important problem to pay attention to.

On the other hand, many high hardness id silicone wristbands products in the self-removal side can not achieve the desired effect, such as 80 degrees of raw materials since the removal of the line may be in the process of removing the side of the hairy edge break does not connect the line, and there are two key reasons, one is because of the problem of raw materials, silica molecular layout is too sparse, to put it bluntly, that is, the purity of raw materials is not high, the second id wristbands manufacturers vulcanization time is too long, resulting in The product is brittle.

The choice of high hardness raw materials production custom can make improvements, in the product mold structure of the products sharp angle mouth chamfering, the product mold right angle mouth slightly improve a little R angle out, the production process to properly control the temperature, the product control in the conventional temperature range, not too brittle, can prevent the appearance of tearing ragged.

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