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The city is full of membership card customers can still get the benefit?

Nowadays, almost every business has its own membership system, and all kinds of membership cards are all over the city. It is worth noting that from supermarkets and shopping centers to hotels and gyms, all kinds of membership cards are filled with wallets. What benefits do we finally get and what is the intention of the businessmen to issue the cards?

Membership cards

Almost every merchant implements the mechanism of membership, resulting in all kinds of membership cards all over the place. In addition to bank cards, you will find a dozen wallets

The city is full of membership cards customers can still get the benefits?

For example, supermarket membership cards, meal cards, fitness cards and other kinds of cards, rare membership card proliferation is still attractive to customers?

Currently, most shopping centers issue membership cards, but due to the low threshold for issuing cards, all membership cards for a few loyal consumers have evolved into full membership cards. Today, most consumers have membership cards from many different shopping centers in their wallets.

It is reported that the main requirement for a membership card is that the minimum spend at the mall that day ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. When using the membership card, consumers simply provide their card number to the cashier to receive the discount, no identification is required, making the membership card a popular card.

For shopping malls, behind the membership card is the testimony of the members spending history, which indicates unlimited purchasing potential. How to get more VIP members has become a strategy for many companies to think hard.

The dozen or so membership cards in the wallet are now almost all dormant and rarely used. Membership card discounts are not large, usually the highest discount is 8.5%, but now the price war in the mall more and more intense, new products listed on the discount is 90% of the whole 50% or 60% off is not uncommon, the membership card will not enjoy more discounts during the event. Because the gold content of the membership card has reached the point of negligible, Zhao Lili would rather be invisible in the ordinary customers.

Gradually become a discount promotion tool

Membership card shopping discounts are the biggest attraction for consumers. Many businesses say that consumers can enjoy about 90% discount in shopping.

However, I found that some businesses do not enjoy discounts on their membership cards, but only shopping points and exchange them for corresponding gifts at the end of the year. Some shopping centers mark some special goods as not participating in the points during the discount promotion.

Currently, it is a common practice for merchants to redeem membership card points for gifts. Most shopping centers require that points be redeemed once a year. Zhang Zhenxiang, general manager and chief marketing management consultant of Shijiazhuang Zhongding Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd, said he also applied for membership cards of several enterprises, which are generally 1 point for shopping 100 yuan. Consumers often spend tens of thousands of yuan, but the points gifts are often small things, such as water cups, small household appliances, etc. The return is disproportionate, resulting in low utilization of many membership cards."

Shopping centers are more likely to use membership cards as a means of discount promotion. In addition, due to the serious homogenization of business, shopping centers have difficulty in providing consumers with some personalized and humanized merchandise services, which greatly weakens the effect of membership promotions.

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