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The root cause of access cards being copied, CPU card into the access card was copied "the end of"

Since 2008 M1 German scientists cracked 1 card is the root cause of the ease of replication of access cards, because most access control manufacturers now use it M1. Access card systems have a large inventory of ancillary facilities, access card business needs to consume these inventories, so even if the access card will be cracked, it is still in use. Seven years later, the competition between access card cracking and anti-cracking never stopped until the emergence of CPU cards temporarily remained stable.

State secret algorithm CPU card advantage highlights

What kind of contactless? IC card is secure. Where will the non-contact card go? Industry authorities and card manufacturers are faced with a series of technical problems. Ma Hong, executive deputy director of the IC card application service center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, believes that the national secret algorithm with independent intellectual property rights has the highest level of security. The future national IC card development strategy will be in line with the national secret algorithm CPU will be intelligent card system products and technologies into the industry application master plan, widely promoted in the whole society. By then, the intelligent one-card of buildings and residential areas will be integrated with the city one-card, and various functions will be concentrated together IC to achieve a multi-use card, integrated, intelligent offline operation mode, providing residents with a fast experience of use.

After the Mifare card was cracked, the commercial cryptographic grouping standard symmetric algorithm (hereinafter referred to as the national cryptographic algorithm) prepared by the National Cryptographic Administration gradually came into view. The National Standardization Management Committee, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the National Cryptographic Administration and other relevant industry authorities attach great importance to access control security and timely proposed security access control standards, i.e., the national secret algorithm CPU card & national secret algorithm card reader. Based on the national security algorithm CPU card not only adopts the unified standard, and easy to promote; also adopts the national security algorithm, high security strength; and can realize a card multi-purpose, easy to expand.

Yang Hui of the Security Application Department of the IC State Secrets Application Service Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development said that SM1 algorithm is a symmetric algorithm of commercial cryptographic grouping standard prepared by the State Cryptography Administration. The algorithm is not publicly available , only in the form of the presence of core kernel in the IP chip . The key length is 128 bits, which is the most secure IC card algorithm in the market. The enterprise will be the national secret algorithm fused into one CPU intelligent one card system used to generate various application keys for the access control system, and successively launched the primary application mode, advanced application mode and the highest application mode of the national secret CPU one card system, thus promoting the rapid development of the national secret CPU one card system.

In the access control application system, it is generally composed of access control card, access control card reader and backstage management system

The root cause of access control card being copied, CPU card becomes the "terminator" of access control card being copied

The password module in the device provides password security protection for the system . In the middle, access control card in the password module reader or backstage management system in the identification of access control card (to identify whether the access control card is legal) to provide password services; access control reader / backstage management system in the password module for the identification of access control card / transmission security newspaper (such as key dispersion, verification identification code, etc.). Yang Hui told reporters that the function of the key management and card issuance system is to generate access control system password application into a key, and through the password module issuance equipment (initialization and injection of keys) password module, and through the card issuance equipment to issue access control cards (initialization, injection of keys and write application information). The cryptographic devices in the key management and issuing system provide cryptographic services such as key generation, key dispersion and body copy identification for access control card issuance. Figure 1 shows the current four-level key system architecture.

The CPU card of the national security algorithm is used to support the SM1 algorithm and has a unique security authentication identification code The authentication key in the CPU card is obtained through the security authentication code dispersion. The security module of the access control reader is equipped with the authentication root key. Whenever internal authentication is performed, the security authentication code is first dispersed internally to obtain the authentication key corresponding to the card. The card controls the right to read proprietary information through external authentication, and can only be read through authentication.

Seizing the opportunity, access control manufacturers seize the market of national security CPU card

The technical advantages of the state-secure algorithm have caught the eyes of many companies, and the policies related to the security level of the card introduced by the relevant departments have given the industry high hopes for the market prospects of CPU smart cards with state-secure algorithms of interest. For a period of time, access control companies seem to have found the direction of development, launched a CPU card access control products based on the national security algorithm.

The global industry event at the end of last year - the thirteenth CPSE at the Shenzhen Security Expo, it is not difficult to find that almost all companies engaged in access control a cartoon are promoting the 2012 will be held in the national secret CPU a cartoon field to make a big show. Ltd. deputy general manager Ding Zhaohai told reporters: one of the biggest features of this years Tongfang Ruian exhibition is Tongfang CPU card access control to obtain the double certificate of the commercial secret product type. It is understood that the Tongfang CPU card access control system independently developed by Tongfang Ruian Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the testing and examination of the State Cryptography Administration, and was qualified for the product model and name of SRT1108 security access control system. In addition, Dasher Intelligence showed the results of recent innovative products of the State Cryptographic Access Control and Mobile One Card at the exhibition. Wanglong Intelligence also brought a full range of national security CPU including national security series products CPU access control series, national security CPU parking series, national security CPU elevator series and national security CPU pedestrian access door series products, etc.

With the development and implementation of relevant national standards, the use of intelligent one-card products and technologies will be guaranteed by the most thorough security mechanism, which will also have a disruptive impact and effect on the development of intelligent one-card industry. In the future, the national security algorithm will integrate the chip, card, machine, system and other products industry chain, and establish an open and reasonable market order CPU one card market will surely usher in a golden period of vigorous development.

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